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So Can I Buy you a Drink?

Obviously, she wants you to buy her a drink, but some girls insist on playing games. Use this chart to navigate past her coy objections. "So, can I buy you a drink?" "I have a boyfriend. He's navy seal. He's standing behind you." "If I say yes, will you go away?" "Sorry, not interested.": "Are you serious? You? Me?" -Look, I could be wrong, but I haven't felt this much chemistry since a horrible, horrible Bunsen burner accident in 1Oth grade. -I love seals. Can he balance a beach ball on his nose? Wait a minute. Why is he blue? -How about this? If you don't say no, / won't not -promise that I won't -No, no. I was just kidding. But just out of curiosity, if I had been serious, what would you have said? "I buy my own drinks." never leave. "My misplaced sense of pity says yes, but my body says no." "No means no." -Let's celebrate your independence. "Only if you promise not to talk to me." Any chance your misplaced sense of pity likes sports bars? -So...maybe? -No, of course not. What about looking in your general direction sans eye contact? "I thought they only let good looking people in this place. How did you get past the bouncer?" "The ring. See the ring?" "I'm getting a vision. It's you-you're going home. You're going home alone. I can feel it." Beineken "That's not going to happen." >-I believe it's inner beauty night. - Yeah it was great. I loved how they tied up the loose ends in the sequel. -Hey, thanks Nostradamus. Do you think your psychic powers can help me nail this week's Powerball or are they only good for hurting feelings? -Please, please. For the love of God, please let me buy you a drink. Look, I'm not going to beg.- "Okay. I'll have a beer." Heineken One Choice Beer.

So Can I Buy you a Drink?

shared by IGEmp on Dec 11
This infographic provides information on how to get a girl to let her buy you a drink at a bar. This playful infographic provides advice for getting a girl to say yes using creative and humorous lines.




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