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Snack Food - A Pretzel Maker's Guide

Pretzel Origins Pretzels = Big Business in the USA. World Today more than $550 million worth of pretzels are sold in the United States annually. CONSUMERS ARE EATING MORE SNACKS AND SMALLER MEALS THROUGHOUT 80% THE DAY. are made in A.D. 610: An Italian monk creates a treat while baking bread to motivate his distracted students. Using ropes of dough, he twists them to resemble hands crossed in prayer over a chest and bakes them. The snacks are christened pretiola, or "little reward". Pennsylvania. In 2012, Snack Factory, the company behind the popular "Pretzel Crisp", a flattened pretzel cracker, was sold to Snyder-Lance for $340 million. On average americans eat 3+ snacks a day. USA 21 eating 3+ snacks a day 51 Regular Pretzel Pretzel Crisp 2010 2015 Snacks are now part 1861: Julius Sturgis opened the first commercial pretzel bakery in Lititz near Lancaster, PA, now considered the birthplace of the American Pretzel. Sturgis received the original pretzel recipe as a thank you from a down-on-his-luck job seeker who he invited to dinner. Since then, the Pretzel Crisps brand has grown to include flavors such as buffalo wing, sesame, chipotle cheddar, cinnamon toast, and even white chocolate and peppermint! of our daily lives! Source: Snack World Magazine State of the Industry Report 2015. Snack Food: A Pretzel Maker's Guide To make your pretzel you'll need the following equipment & supplies Sweet Salty Primary Ingredient Fruits | Chocolate | Grains | Vegetables Nuts Beans Meat Dairy Preparation Sliced Milled Crushed | Cracked Blended | Cultured| Melted/Tempered Transformation Molded Rolled Sheeted Laminated Extruded Cooking Method Baked Fried Roasted | Puffed Popped | Dehydrated| Blanched Seasoning or Decoration Enrobed | Sprinkled Filled Coated Salted Seasoned Packaging Style Jar | Bag Tray Cup Individual Wrapper Tubes Pouch One marketplace for every business journey KINNEK Purchasing Made Painless

Snack Food - A Pretzel Maker's Guide

shared by Kinnek on May 01
The ingredients, techniques, and packaging options in making salty snack foods - plus some tidbits about snack consumption in the US. Did you know that the pretzel traces its history back to a monk i...


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