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Smithfield Ham Facts

Smithfield Hams The tradition is suggested to A typical ham weighing around 14 pounds sells for around $80. have begun among the Germanic peoples as a tribute to Freyr, a god in Germanic Paganism associated with boars, harvest and fertility. Nutrition Facts Chaestel tee Queen Victoria ordered six Smithfield Hams a 75 week Sedun, 25 Tal , r Fat Pro Carb The Virginia General Assembly passed a law that said only Hernando de Soto (1469-1542), a Spanish explorer and wealthy captain, introduced hogs to North America. Pigs were nof native to the Jamestown area, but were brought to the colonies of Virginia from and England and Bermuda to raise for food and the sport of wild boar hunting. Since the Native Indians had been curing venison by smoking long before the settlers arrived in Jamestown, they taught them to cure meat with salt or "magic white sand." Their methods of salting, smoking and aging venison were adapted by the white man to preserving the meat of the plentiful razorback hog. The oldest ham that still exists up until today, placed in The Isle of Wight Museum located in Smithfield, Virginia, was cured in the year 1902. peanut-fed hogs, cured and processed in the town of Smithfield, could be called Smithfield hams. History 1966 Brought to you by: Sources: I Local store owner P.D. Gwaltney came In 1540, DeSoto's forces left Florida with their The climate of Virginia was The settlers rounded the pigs up and transported them to an island in the James River. This island became known as "Hog Island." across the ham and decided to see how long it would last. He was often photographed with the ham, which he called his "pet" and even went so far as to make a collar and a leash for it. 1926 The peanut feed stipulation was removed. 1539 berd of hogs headed into Georgia. 1608 so perfect for raising pigs, that they multiplied and 1902 Upon his death, his estate auctioned off 700 hogs, all the descendants from the original, not GOURMANDIA became so plentiful that including the ones his troops had consumed. they became a nuisance to the settlers.

Smithfield Ham Facts

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Christmas is upon us and what is Christmas without ham? Know more about the all-time favorite Smithfield Ham, its history, random info, and its nutrition facts.


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