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A Slice Of Facts Pizza Around the World

A SLICE OF FACTS PIZZA AROUND THE WORLD AGE FACTOR AND GENDER 30 25 26 25 20 20 18 16 13 15 15 15 15 11 10 All 2-5 6-11 12-19 20-39 40-59 60 and over Age (Years) LARGEST PIZZA Here we are showing the largest pizza made and largest pizza commercially sold all over the world. LARGEST COMMERCIAL LARGEST COMMERCIAL California PIZZA EVER SOLD EVER BAKED Dimension 37.4 m (122 ft 8inch) 4 ft 6 in by 4 ft 6 in Cost - $199.99 (plus tax) Weighed 12.99 tonnes (26,883 lbs) Place - Big Mama's and Papa's Pizzeria Los Angeles, california Norwood Hypermarket South Africa Served to 50-100 Saturday, December people 08, 1990 AREA SPECIFIC This will describe the area specific (geographically) pizza consumption all around UAE. Dubai Marina 16.6% Jumerah Lake Towers 9.0% Dowen Town Dubai 6.1% Tecom 4.6% Dubai Media City 4.5% The Palm Jumeirha 4.1% Dubai Business Bay 4.0% Al Barsha 3.7% Discovery Gardens 3.1% Mirdif 2.8% The Grens 2.7% FAMOUS TOPPINGS IN UAE AND WORLDWIDE GLOBAL TOPPINGS Check out these favorite pizza toppings from around the world RUSSIA GERMANY A sunny side up egg on your pizza is a great way to wake up... Try a mix of sardines, tuna, mackerel, salmon and red onions. AMSTERDAM. The kingdom of coffee shops loves hotdogs pizza. CHINA RUSSIA Thousand Island dressing " sauce and we FRANCE The favorite French; combo is bacon, onion, and fresh hope you like i eel pizza. JAPAN CHINA JAPAN SAUDI ARABIA Open a Japanese pizza box and under the lid you may find squid. . cream... INDIA COSTA RICA UAE INDIA In costa Rica they like coconut on Pork product is not consumed Pickled ginger, minced mutton so beef is the favorite... iand tofu taste ithe best in indai.. BRAZIL ----- - their pizza. ---- BRAZIL AUSTRALIA The Amazonian way is to sprinkle :AUSTRALIA Down under they have shrimp, pineapple, and bbq sauce pizza.. green peas on their pie.. CHILLED PIZZA In this section the consumption of chilled pizza across the world is shown. Western Europe Easten Europe Middle East / Africa 11.1% 15.3% Latin America 11.4% 13.9% North America 13.6% 13.8% Australia Asia Pacific WORLD FACTS RELATED TO PIZZA 252 million pounds of Pepperoni is consumed every year from pizza. Annual Pizza sale revenue worldwide is around $32 billion. 350 slices of pizza that are eaten every second. Average no. of slices of pizza eaten by a person every year is 46. Total no of pizza sold worldwide each year is 5 billion. Percentage of Pizzeria that offer delivery is 83%. Overall price is $2.99 spend on a pizza slice among which males spend $2.88 and females $3.10. The fast-food industry in the UAE is on the threshold of substantial growth with around 25 per cent growth year on year for the last three years, according to reports by the US government on franchising in the Gulf region. 90% 94% The US dominates the fast-food There are nearly 3,100 industry in the UAE with more restaurants in the UAE, than 90% of the non-traditional of which only 94% are market fast food. PERCENT

A Slice Of Facts Pizza Around the World

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Pizza is consumed worldwide. Pizza consumption stats are here you will be amazed to listen that. Pizza facts are stunning, largest pizza sold and baked record is here. Male and Female Pizza consumptio...




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