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Should You Be a Vegan?

THE RISE OF "EGANISH START A HEALTH REVOLUTION! ARE YOU A VEGGIE LOVER? VEGANISM HAS GROWN TO AMERICANS STILL CONSUME 2.5% 1/6 OF THE U.S. POPULATION OF THE TOTAL MEAT Up from 1% in 2009 - Number has more than doubled in 3 years CONSUMED WORLDWIDE Even though Americans are less than 1/20th of the total population. The average American eats about 1/2 a pound of meat per day PERCENTAGE OF MEAT CONSUMED BY AMERICANS IS FALLING AMERICANS CONSUMED Consumption of beef has been declining for the past 20 years. Chicken has dropped sharply in the past five years. Pork has shown a slow, steady downturn over the past five years 12.2% LESS MEAT IN 2012 THAN IN 2007 AMERICANS IN 2013 VEGAN VEGETARIAN 1 MILLION 7.3 MILLION 79% 21% 59% 41% WHAT DOES THE VEGAN SAY? BASED ON A SURVEY OF OVER 8K VEGANS. 1 42.01% BECAME VEGAN AFTER SEEING A FILM, EDUCATIONAL VIDEO OR MOVIE. 2 45.06% TRANSITIONED TO A VEGAN DIET GRADUALLY. 3 52.22% HAD BEEN VEGAN LESS THAN 10 10 YEARS YEARS. 2.01% had been vegan over 30 years. 4 35.29% HAVE A NON-VEGAN SPOUSE OR DOMESTIC PARTNER. 5 69.16% BECAME VEGAN ON BEHALF OF ANIMALS. 6 45.22% DESCRIBE THEMSELVES AS SPIRITUAL BUT NOT RELIGIOUS. 43.48% describe themselves as atheist or agnostic. 11.41% follow a major religion. 7 61.99% ARE POLITICALLY LIBERAL 33.16% are not political. 11.41% are politically conservative. 8 38.70% DO NOT HAVE AND DO NOT WANT CHILDREN. 33.70% may have children at some point. 9.97% are raisng young children vegan. CELEBRITY HERBIVORES AL GORE ROSIE O'DONELL ELLEN DEGENERES REASON: AGAINST MISTREATMENT OF ANIMALS REASON: HEALTH BENEFITS REASON: SHE HAD A "WIDOW MAKER" HEART ATTACK NEW LOK USHER ALEC BALDWIN BILL CLINTON REASON: HEALTH BENEFITS REASON: CONCERN FOR PLANET REASON: WANTED TO REVERSE AND PERSONAL HEALTH CORONARY ARTERY DISEASE INFLUENTIAL FILMS (FOR VEGGIES) VER KNIVES RECIPES HEARTY RECIPES FROM CHEP DEL SROUFE "lm Lovin' it!" FORKS SUPERSIZE ME OVER KINVES m of Epie Parto FOOD, INC. DIRECTED BY ROBERT KENNER (2008) Documents food production from large corporations. Exposes environmentally hazardous and inhumane practices. DIRECTED BY LEE FULKERSON (2001) Advocates consumption of vegan and whole foods. Correlates illness and disease to diets rich in meat. DIRECTED BY MORGAN SPURLOCK (2004) Follows Morgan Spurlock as he eats a diet of McDonald's food for 30 days. At the conclusion, Morgan has gained nearly 25 Ibs, has a cholesterol level of 230 and shows signs of malnutrition. E ARTHLINGS "FOOD MATTERS ISA MUST SE TOLTHOSE LOOING TO TALI CONTROLO THELK HEALTIL JOAQUIN PHOENIX Three People. Six Weeks. NATURI ANIMALS HUMANKIND One Challenge. FOODMATTERS Preyent illness, Reverse Disese Maintain Optimal Health.Naturalls MAKE THE CONNECTION Vegucated ETELINGI TEEI SAT AETINGL.COM EEE KATIT.M DIRECTED BY M. M. WOLFSON (2011) Follows 3 New Yorker's on a humorous journey of being vegan for six weeks. The film advocates for veganism while showing some of the struggles of the diet. DIRECTED BY SHAUN MONSON (2005) Narrated by Joaquin Phoenix (vegan since age 3). Hidden cameras DIRECTED BY James Colquhoun & Carlo Ledesma (2008) Analyzes lack of nutritional value and potential for cancer and disease in common foods. document interactions between humans and animals; pets, food Claims this is a conspiracy to increase profits for doctors and pharmaceutical companies. and scientific research. IS VEGANISM A FAD OR IS IT THE FUTURE OF FOOD? PRESENTED BY: TOPRNTOBSN.COM 13.html DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING

Should You Be a Vegan?

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With all of the health benefits, there are many good reasons for becoming a vegan or at least making progress in that direction for your diet.


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