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The Secret Language of Coffee

Coffee Mixology NAVIGATING A COFFEE SHOP MENU CAN BE AN ADVENTURE MILK FOAM MILK FOAM CARAMEL SYRUP MILK FOAM All drinks begin with espresso- a highly concentrated coffee. To that is added various syrups STEAMED MILK STEAMED MILK STEAMED MILK CHOCOLATE VANILLA SYRUP and flavorings. Then milk, either steamed or cold, is poured into the espresso mixture. ESPRESSO ESPRESSO ESPRESSO MOCHA LATTE CARAMEL MACCHIATTO MILK FOAM COFFEE HOT WATER STEAMED MILK MILK FOAM ESPRESSO ESPREESSO ESPREESSO ESPREESSO RED EYE MACCHIATTO CAPPUCCINO AMERICANO Coffee Espresso The term coffee encompasses any drink Espresso is the base of most café drinks. The same beans that go into a regular cup of coffee can go into an espresso shot-the difference is how it's ground and brewed. made from ground coffee beans and water (this includes espresso). There's a large variety of ways to brew a cup of coffee, and each one has unique benefits. Finely ground beans are placed into a portafilter and then tamped down THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF • AUTOMATIC DRIP COFFEE GRIND - MEDIUM TIME - 5 MINUTES to create an even PERK - Brews large surface for the amounts at one time water to go through. The portafilter is placed into an 60 80 FRENCH PRESS GRIND - COARSE TIME - 4 MINUTES 20 espresso machine. Nearly boiling water is pushed through the grinds at extremely high pressure. PERK - Bold and full flavor, heavy mouthfeel SINCE COFFEE SHOPS BEGAN POPPING UP ON EVERY CORNER, THERE HAVE BEEN MORE WAYS THAN EVER TO ORDER A CUP O' JOE. POUR OVER On average, it takes 30 seconds to "pull" a shot of espresso. The finished size is about 2 oz. GRIND - FINE TO MEDIUM TIME - 2 MINUTES PERK - Brings out nuanced flavor profiles 30 SECONDS There is a certain dialect and craft that goes with every drink. This guide will walk you through different drink combinations, sizes, and brew methods. Drink Sizes VENTE TALL 20 OZ. 16 OZ. 12 OZ. 8 OZ. SHORT GRANDE SMALL MEDIUM LARGE

The Secret Language of Coffee

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Since coffee shops have begun popping up on every corner, there have been more ways than ever to brew a cup o' joe. This guide will walk you through different drink combinations, sizes, and brew methods.


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