A Seasonal Guide to Growing Your Own Vegetables

A seasonal guide to growing your own Vegetables Sow .February-March Harvest. Mid September Sow. . March-April Harvest.June-September Sow .March-April Harvest.June-September Water infrequently Sow. .March-April Harvest.August-September Pinch out the growing tip when the Chit potatoes before planting Tie the main stem to a vertical plants have developed seven leaves bamboo cane Spring Cucumbers Potatoes Broad beans tomatoes Sow .April- July Harvest..September-August Sow .April-July Harvest. June-October* Sow . May-June Harvest.August-October Sow .March-July Harvest..12 weeks after sowing* *Harvest in the evening As the fruits get bigger, protect *Approximate. Sow in succession to avoid carrot flies by raising on a plank of wood to ensure an even crop Beetroots Summer Carrots Pumpkins Spring onions Sow .AllAutumn* Harvest..September-August *Can be planted all year Sow . August-September* Harvest.October-April Sow . August-October* Sow . July-August Harvest.October-November Harvest..June onwards *Autumn sowing varieties Quick to mature, easy to grow *Winter cultivars Shallots OnLons Turnips SPinach Autumn Sow . September-November* Harvest..Throughout Spring *When sowing, keep the soil warm with fleece to prevent rotting Sow . April-June* Harvest.October-January Sow .Early August Harvest..Throughout winter Sow .Before Christmas* Harvest. July-August *Sow in trays, plant out 12in (30cm) Cover the plants with closed *Break up bulbs and plant individual apart in late June-July cloches in late September cloves just below the surface cabbages lettuce Garlic Winter Peas Growing your own vegetables (and tomatoes) is incredibly easy, rewarding, healthy and cost-effective. Use this simple, seasonal guide to ensure that you can enjoy your own produce all year round. wellington boots. All you need to start is a packet of seeds, some compost and a generous dose of patience. There are thousands of resources available for beginner gardeners. Visit your local garden centre to ask for advice and stock up on seeds and compost. Good luck and welcome to the good life. Whether you have an expansive allotment, an open balcony or even a sunny windowsill, there's something you can grow all year round. Be creative and try planting lettuce in used tin cans, watering cans or even in

A Seasonal Guide to Growing Your Own Vegetables

shared by joe.shervell on Nov 12
This is an informative infographic about the different types of vegetables that can be grown throughout the year. Divided by season, it also gives handy tips for making sure your vegetables grow as bi...


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