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Salsa, Spice and Everything Nice: A Visual Guide to Mexican Cuisine

SALSA, SPICE AND EVERYTHING NICE: ANE MEXICAN CUISINE GUIDE TO Food CHILES EN NOGADA Poblano Chilies Filled with Picadillo Nogada (walnut-based cream sauce) Pomegranate Seeds Rich, savory-sweet dish that celebrates Mexico's independence with each color of the flag Minced Beef Tomatoes Onions Lime Fruits Spices BARBACOA Shredded Meat Diced Onions Chopped Cilantro Meat of a whole sheep cooked in a fire pit covered with maguey leaves Corn Tortilla Guacamole ALAMBRE Cheese Grilled Beef Bell Peppers Barbecued meat often served on skewers with tortillas Onions Avocado CHILAQUILES Totopos Crema (Sour cream and condensed milk) Shredded Queso Fresco Traditional dish made from fried corn tortilla quarters called totopos Onion Slices Avocado Chunks MENUDO Beef Tripe (cow stomach) Red Chili Base Lime Communal soup common at feasts that is labor-intensive to make Red Chili Peppers Onions Cilantro Non-Alcoholic Beverages CAFE DE OLLA Ground Coffee Cinammon Coffee spiced with cinammon and raw cane sugar Prepare i Artisan-crafted clay pot Piloncillo CHAMPURRADO Mик Panela Mexican Tablet Chocolate Milk Masa (corn flour) Optional Ingredients: Warm and hearty chocolate-based atole traditionally served with breakfast Ground Nuts Anise Seed Vanilla Whipped with a molinillo Cinammon Orange Zest Egg TASCALATE Mexican Tablet Chocolate Ground Pine Nuts Achiote Paste Sweet, earthy chocolate beverage SUGAR common in Vanilla Sugar Chiapas TEJATE Toasted Maize Flour Fermented Cacao Beans "Drink of the Gods" originating from before Španish conquests of Mexico Mamay Pits Flor de Cacao HORCHATA Long-grain White Rice Water Vanilla Milk Sweet, milky beverage with many variations across the world Cinammon Milk Desserts COCADAS Shredded Coconut Sweetened Condensed Milk Traditional soft SUGAR and chewy coconut confection Eggs Brown Sugar BIONICO Mixed fruit Papaya Cantaloupe Honeydew Strawberries Apples Banana Fruit salad drenched in a thick, Granola Shredded Coconut Raisins Crema (Sour cream and condensed milk) sweet cream NICUATOLE SUGAR Creamy and gelatinous dessert traditional to Oaxaca Sugar Prickly Pear Fruit Maize CAPIROTADA Piloncillo Clove Mixed Nuts Cinammon Bolillo (Savory Mexican bread) Bread pudding traditionally consumed during Lent and served on Good Friday Apples Apricots Dates Raisins BUÑUELO Yeasted Anise Piloncillo Dough Deep-fried dough ball with a touch of anise flavoring Cinammon Guava » Alcoholic Beverages CHAVELA Clamato Beer Tomato Juice Clamato Hot Sauce Cerveza preparada served in a salt-rimmed mug MEZCAL DE PECHUGA Pechsa Apples and Plums Fermented in Maguey Juice (Agave) Chicken Large Barrels Breast A agave-based liquor with a smoky taste tempered by fruit Sea Side SOURCES: RESERVATIONS Mexico Reservations

Salsa, Spice and Everything Nice: A Visual Guide to Mexican Cuisine

shared by BebopGriffin on Apr 21
I need to try ALL of this! What a gorgeous and mouthwatering visual. I love how it offers little bits of cultural information, and provides insight into the most common ingredients in Mexican food. It...


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