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Salad Stats: The Financial Impact of a Fresh Favorite

SALAD STATS The Financial Impact of a Fresh Favorite mint. .com 81% of Americans eat at least one salad a week. CALLOUT KEY: Annual Production In 2009 One in Five Annual Consumption Per Capita eat a salad almost every day. Total Value 24 In 2009 72% say that salads are one of their favorite foods. Lettuce Head, romaine, and leaf 9.0 billion pounds 28.2 pounds per person $ $2,183,048,000 More than three-quarters of the nation's head lettuce comes from the state of California. Fresh Tonmatoes 5.4 billion pounds 18.7 pounds per person $ $2,373,718,000 Chances are, the tomatoes in your salad came from Florida or California, which combined account for 70% of fresh market tomato production annually. Cucumber Carrots A 252 million pounds A 2.2 billion pounds 6.7 pounds per person 10.1 pounds per person $ $402,645,000 $ $588,942,000 Onions Cranberries A 7.5 billion pounds A 755 million pounds 21.1 pounds per person 2.2 pounds per person $ $816,395,000 $ $453,664,000 Strawberries Croutons A 2.5 billion pounds A 1.0 billion bushels for bread flour 8.1 pounds per person v 134.6 pounds per person $ $1,885,259,000 $ $6,640,000,000 AMERICA'S FAVORITES? 54% of Americans say RANCH their favorite salad dressing BLUE CHEESE has changed since childhood. ITALIAN FRENCH SOURCES: CATALINA,,, (OTHER) 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35%

Salad Stats: The Financial Impact of a Fresh Favorite

shared by aleks on May 18
With all the talk about obesity problems and unhealthy eating, you may be surprised to find out that Americans actually love eating their salad. One in five people eat a salad almost every day and nea...



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