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The Root of Vegetarianism

THE ATHENS TIMES B12 B11 ROOT Vegetarianism IN THE UNITED STATES Find out if your diet falls into one of the subcategories of vegetarianism by taking this quick quiz based upon your food preferences. START 2010 A 2009 STUDY BY RESEARCHER TIM KEY FOUND THAT VEGETARIANS AND U.S. DEPARTMENT OF VEGANS HAD BODY WEIGHTS 3 TO 20% LOWER THAN MEAT EATERS. AGRICULTURE DIETARY PYRAMID Endorsed the vegitarian diet for the first time. "Compared to non-vegetarian eating patterns, vegetarian-style eating has been associated with improved health outcomes, lower levels of obesity, a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and lower total mortality." DIETARY TIPS Any type of vegetarian diet should include a wide variety of foods and enough calories to meet your energy needs. NO yes Do you eat meat? Vegetarians plan their diets in order to avoid deficits of certain nutrients that people normally consume from meat, eggs and dairy products. The foods listed below are alternative options to receiving those nutrients, depending on your level of vegetarianism. O Keep your intake of sweets and fatty foods to a minimum. These foods are low in nutrients and high Poultry? Red meat? in calories. Cheese and dairy? O Choose whole or unrefined grain products when possible, or use fortified or enriched cereal products. NO YES O Use a variety of fruits and vegetables, including foods that are good sources of vitamins A and C. NO YES PROTEIN • cheese, eggs, beans, legumes, seeds, whole grains and nuts Soy protein is equal to animal protein. Therefore it can be your sole protein source. O If you use milk or dairy products, choose fat-free/ nonfat and low-fat varieties. Fish? Eggs? IRON • spinach, dried beans & fruits, brewer's yeast, enriched products and eggs CALCIUM • milk, soybean products, broccoli, spinach, some legumes and kale O Eggs are high in cholesterol (213 mg per yolk), so monitor your use of them. Limit your cholesterol intake to no more than 300 mg per day. Studies show that vegetarians NO YES absorb and retain ZINC • milk, grains, nuts, legumes, 15-18 mg. supplements, shellfish and wheat germ more calcium from foods than VEGGIE MODIFICATIONS nonvegetarians do VITAMIN B12 • milk, eggs, fortified cereal & soy beverages and some brands of brewer's yeast Many foods that typically contain meat or poultry can be made vegetarian. This can increase vegetable intake and cut saturated fat and cholesterolintake. vegan lacto-vegetartan | ovo-lacto-vegetartan pescatarian semi-vegetartan non- vegetartan • Pasta primavera o Pasta with marinara or pesto sauce Veggie pizza o Vegetable lasagna • Tofu-vegetable stir fry o Vegetable lo mein o Vegetable kabobs • Bean burritos or tacos OMEGA 3 FATTY ACIDS • walnuts or flax seeds or from algae or other supplements The suffix Also known as Total Vegetarians, this group only eats plant foods: fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, seeds and nuts. The suffix The suffix "ovo" This group eats chicken in addition to fish, eggs, plant foods, cheese and "lacto' comes comes from the Latin word "pesca' comes from the Latin word for fish, pecse. This group eats fish in addition to from the This group is VITAMIN D• Sunlight or supplement. Latin word for characterized for egg, ovum. This group eats eggs in by including VEGANS HAVE MORE TROUBLE GETTING ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS milk, lactis. This group red meat in WITHOUT CONSUMING MILK, CHEESE OR EGGS, THE USDA SAYS, AND MANY REQUIRE ARTIFICIAL B12 SUPPLEMENTS. eats cheese addition to one's diet. dairy. Red meat is and dairy in addition to plant foods. plant foods, cheese and dairy. eggs, plant foods, cheese excluded from and dairy. this diet. CELEBRI-TARIAN • BOXER MIKE TYSON SAYS HE FEELS "MORE POWERFUL" NOW : SEE B12 TO LEARN MORE THAT HE AVOIDS MEAT, MILK AND EGGS. "VEGETAR IANISM IS POLITICALLY CORRECT; MEAT IS NOW A FOUR-LETTER WORD" • REGISTERED DIETICIAN DR. JANET BRILL VEGETARIANS IN THE U.S. L So you want to go vegan, but you don't TOTAL VEGETARIAN know where to start? Check this out... 55+ YEARS OLD THE VEGAN LIFESTYLE Many people think the word "vegan" on ly describes a diet, but veganism is about much more than just food. Veganism is a lifestyle which seeks to minimize environmental harm and to be compassionate to living things. 17.4% 59% < 2 YEARS 2-5 YEARS 5-10 CLEANING PRODUCTS The vegan diet consists of fresh vegetables, (preferably raw, leafy greens), starchy foods for caloric intake, grains, and fresh fruit. 41% Of this number, The vegan diet 7.3 MILLION VEGETARIANS IN THE US There are many cruelty-free cleaning solutions for your eco- fabulous home. Look through the list below to find products that will work best for you. YEARS contai ns no 59% are female and measurable 41% are male. amount of FOOD SHOPPING LIST You can add or delete items according to your individual needs and tastes from this standardized shopping list. cholesterol, very LENGTH OF TIME DISHWASH ER Disinfecting Wipes, Biokleen "Pauline's Pride" Citrus, Planet All-Purpose Spray Cleaner, Seventh Generation All-Purpose Cleaner, Bio Green Clean, Orange Plus, Dr. Bronner's Liquid Castile Soap. Method Smarty Dish Dishwasher Tabs, Planet Ultra Dishwashing Liquidand Automatic Dishwasher Detergent, Seventh Generation Automatic Dishwasher Powder little saturated fat, no refined sugar and no oil. AS A VEGETARIAN 42% 40.7% 18-34 YEARS OLD 35-54 YEARS OLD Berries, all types O Seasonal fruits O Lemons GRAINS 10+ YEARS andAutomatic Dishwasher Gel, Brown rice Buckwheat ramen (soba) Seventh Generation Rinse Aid. FLOORS AND GLASS DISH SOAP Method Dish Pump, Biokleen Dish Demon, Dishmate Dish Soap, Seventh Generation Natural Dish Liquid. O Chapatis orcorn tortillas O Corn meal Grape Nuts O Pita bread, whole wheat Popcorn Rice cakes Rolled oats Method Floor Plus Surface Raisins Cleaner, Biokleen Carpet Kleen and Carpet Pre-Spotter, Method Glass Plus Surface Cleaner, BOOKS MISCELLANEOUS Blackstrap molasses Marinara sauce The Sexy Vegan Cookbook Biokleen Glass Kleen and Mirror Image, Seventh Generation Glass and Surface Cleaner. Mushrooms (fresh & dried) ONutritional yeast (Kal) O Salsa O Soy sauce (low sodium) TOP 5 VEGETARIAN CITIES BRIAN PATTON LAUNDRY On The Spot Organic Stain Remover Pen, Method Laundry Detergent, Biokleen Ultra-Kleen, Planet Ultra Laundry Detergent and 2X Ultra Laundry Detergent HE, ECOS Liquid Laundry Detergent, Seventh Generation Natural Laundry Detergent and Natural Concentrated Laundry Liquid, Method Fabric Softener and "Squeaky Clean" Dryer Cloths, Seventh Generation Liquid Fabric Softener and Fabric Softener Sheets, Static Eliminator Re-Usable Dryer Sheet System. TOP 7 REASONS CITED FOR BEING A VEGETARIAN BASED UPON THE NUMBER OF VEGETARIAN Shredded Wheat O Whole grain breads I oOWhole wheat pasta OWhole grain flour Diet for a New America RESTAURANTS IN THE AREA. BLEACH Biokleen Oxibrite, Natural Tabasco sauce 54% Choices Oxy-Boost, Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Bleach. Vinegar (cider, balsamic) O Yeast for bread-making JOHN ROBBINS 53% I VEGETABLES Beans, all types The Uncheese 47% BATHROOM SPICES AND HERBS 1 PORTLAND, OR Cookbook Method Antibacterial Bathroom O Basil Bell pepper flakes Chili powder Cilantro (fresh or dried) Broccoli Cleaner, Seventh Generation Cabbage JOANNE STEPANIAK Shower Cleaner and Tuband& 39% Carrots Veggie Lovers Cookbook Tile Cleaner, Natural Choices O Celery Oxy-Scrub, Bio-Pac Automatic Bowl Cleaner, Method Lil' Bowl Green chilies OCumin OGarlic, fresh or powdered Mustard, dry and Dijon Onion flakes Oregano Parsley (fresh & dried) O Sage Tarragon Thyme O Turmeric 31% Kale MORTY STAR Blu, Seventh Generation Toilet Lentils Onions, regular and green Other green leafy veggies Peas (frozen or split) Potatoes, any type SEATTLE, WA Bowl Cleaner. 25% 24% The Tempeh Cookbook DRAINS ALL-PURPOSE Method All-Purpose Cleaner and All-Purpose Cleaning and DOROTHY R. BATES Earthworm® Family-Safe Drain Cleaner The Artful FRUIT Apples (whole, juice & sauce) Vegan 3 SAN FRANSISCO, CA MAKEUP Bananas ERIC TUCKER Many different cosmetic companies have started to manufacture vegan, cruelty-free makeup. Jazzy Vegetarian Tarte High-Performance Naturals has a "Cruelty-free and Vegan" collection certified by PETA. CLOTHING A multitude of vegan apparel companies have emerged from the high demand for vegan products. LAURA THEODORE 100% Pure Cosmetics is a brand that has all cruelty-free cosmetics and bath products. Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World ISA CHANDRA MOSKOWITZ & NEW YORK, NY Urban Decay is certified by PETA as being cruelty-free and has committed to the CCIC Corporate Standard of Compassion for Animals in addition to having select vegan products. Alternative Outfitters is a vegan boutique that carries fashionable leather alternatives and cruelty-free products for men and women including shoes, bags and other accessories. WEIGHT LOSS ANIMAL WELFARE Atticus Clothing carries vegan belts and wallets. TERRY HOPE ROMERO PETA cruel ty-free certified prod ucts are labeled with this logo. Ethical Wares carries vegan footwear, accessories and lifestyle products in addition to cruelty-free and Fair Trade clothing. WEIGHT MAINTENANCE FOOD-SAFETY CONCERNS 5 AT LANTA, GA IMPROVE OVERALL HEALTH ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS carries vegan shoes, belts, vitamins, wallets, bags, gift baskets and more. *The Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC) NATURAL WELLNESS APPROACH consists of seven national animal protection groups banded together to help make shoppi ng for animal-friendly cosmetics easier and more trustworthy. Look for the "leaping bunny" logo! HTTP/WWw.STATISTICBRAIN.COM/VEGETARIAN-STATISTICS/ MCT DIRECT I SAYWARD REBHAL, FRED TASKER, DR. JANET BRILL • AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION • RUTH HEIDRICH, PH.D• VEGANCOACH.COM 000

The Root of Vegetarianism

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A go-to guide for the basics of vegetarianism. Describes in detail the categories, vegetarians in the US, dietary tips, and the vegan lifestyle.




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