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Rising Food Prices, and their impact on hungry people around the world

RISING FOOD PRICES AND THEIR IMPACT ON HUNGRY PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD FOOD PRICE CRISIS TAKES A BITE OUT OF FOOD CONSUMPTION PRICE INCREASES 2005 2011 IN LATIN AMERICA BEFORE CRISIS AFTER CRISIS RICE +102% WHEAT MAIZE In seven Latin American countries, +204% the 2007-08 food +115% ECUADOR price crisis led to an average 8% drop in calories consumed. 35% 22% PANAMA CALORIES 24% 19% RICE: MAIN COURSE OR SIDE DISH? -8% 2007: SHARE OF CALORIES SUPPLIED BY RICE PERU 52% 45% 70% 64% 41% 40% 26% 22% 19% 10% 2% Proportion of households consuming adequate levels of calories BANGLADESH CAMBODIA CÔTE KENYA SIERRA LEONE SRI LANKA MALAYSIA ECUADOR JAMAICA UNITED STATES D'IVOIRE WHAT WOULD HAPPEN TO HOUSEHOLD SPENDING IN2 BANGLADESH IF FOOD PRICES INCREASED BY 50% NUTRITIONAL NOSEDIVE IRON PHILIPPINES SOURCES SPENDING BEFORE SPENDING AFTER Rice, wheat, and maize prices: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), FAOSTAT database. Rice: Main course or side dish?: International Rice Research Staple Grains Staple Grains +50% -30% Institute, World Rice Statistics database. What would happen to household spending in Bangladesh? and Nutritional nosedive: H. E. ONLY 5% IRON INTAKE GLOBAL THEN... Bouis, P. Eozenou, and A. Rahman, "Food Prices, Household Income, and Resource FOOD PRICES Allocation: Socioeconomic Perspectives on Nonstaple Plants Fish & Meat their Effects on Dietary Quality and Nutritional Status," Food and Nutrition Bulletin 32, no. 1, supplement (2011): S14-S23. Food price Nonstaple Plants Fish & Meat crisis takes a bite out of food consumption in If poor people in developing countries face a 50% increase in all food prices If iron consumption declined by 30% in the Philippines, only 5% of Filipino women would consume adequate levels of iron. Latin America: L. lannotti and M. Robles, "Negative Impact on Calorie Intake Associated with the 2006-08 Food Price Crisis in Latin America," Food and Nutrition Bulletin 32, no. across the board and no rise in Nonfood Items Nonfood Items 2 (2011): 112-123. income, iron intake will fall by 30%. INTERNATIONAL FOOD POLICY RESEARCH INSTITUTE INSIGHTS sustainabie solutions for endng hungar and poverty IFPRI Supportad by the COIAR MAGAZINE OF THE INTERNATIONAL FOOD POLICY RESEARCH INSTITUTE | FALL 2011

Rising Food Prices, and their impact on hungry people around the world

shared by IFPRI on Jul 23
A collage of effects illustrated about the effects of the 2008 Food Price crisis and what happens to hungry people around the world when food prices increase.


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