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The Ripe Stuff

The Ripe Stuff We've pulped the numbers to present the juiciest figures on how America orders its fruits. 1. Orange 2. Lemon Top of the Crops 3. Mango 4. Pineapple 5. Strawberry The most ordered fruits and the dishes that keep 'em ahead. 1. Orange With 29% of all fruit orders, the apple of most people's eye is-in fact-an orange. 29% 1. Orange chicken 2. Orange juice 3. Orange beef 2. Lemon When life gives you options, order lemons. Well, that's what 23% of fruit-ordering humans do. 23% 1. Lemonade 2. Lemon chicken 3. Iced tea with lemon 3. Mango 22% Mangoes get about 22% of all fruit orders. Go, man, go! 1. Mango lassi 2. Mango smoothie 3. Mango sticky rice 4. Pineapple 19% Notoriously prickly, pineapples still get a lot of love with 19% of fruit orders. 1. Pineapple pizza 2. Pineapple fried rice 3. Pineapple smoothie 5. Strawberry Never one to come up short, the ever-popular strawberry represents hard with 16% of all fruit orders. 16% 1. Strawberry smoothie 2. Strawberry milkshake 3. Strawberry cheesecake ?? "But, hey! Where are the apples?" Way back in 9th place, friend. The all-American pie filling comes in behind coconuts (9%), bananas (6%) and limes (5%). Men Are from Orchards, Women Are from Groves Women are 17% more likely to order fruit, and they favor... 40 30 20 10 Peach Mango Coconut Lemon Raspberry Pineapple Strawberry The ol' gender-neutral standby? Oranges! Seems everyone likes 'em. Or settles for them. Strawberry Meals Forever Having a parfait? Invite the strawberries! OF the 10 most popular fruit combos, they get mixed up in 6. Strawberry + Banana Strawberry + Lemon Strawberry + Mango Raspberry + Lemon Pineapple + Mango Strawberry -Orange Strawberry + Kiwi Orange ► Mango Strawberry Pineapple Banana - Mango 2 4 8 10 12 Percentage of all fruit-combination orders When you're thinkin' fruit, think GrubHub. An orchard of opportunity for one and all! grubHub happy eating Percentage more likely than men

The Ripe Stuff

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We've pulped the numbers to present the juiciest figures on how America orders its fruits.




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