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/ reasons why you should try the paleo diet

REASONS To GO PALEO Paleo food is healthy and delicious The Paleo diet is based on raw and minimally processed foods such as nuts and seeds, fruit, vegetables, fish, and gluten, sugar & soy free products. These Palco Tipaand Trice foods are not only healthy, but delicious too. Stop eating gluten, beans, and soy products Paleo eliminates added sugar Cook your own food until get vsed to this diet you Use avocado and olive oil as salad dressings This eating plan emphasises a sugar free life, which lowers your risk of developing diabetes, insulin Get the junk out of fridge Add herbs and spices to meals resistance, and heart disease. your your 2 Paleo promotes weight loss Keep smoked salmon, eggs, and non-starchy vegetēbles on hand Once you switch to the Paleo diet and Keep your meals simple stop eating processed foods, you'll lose extra weight in no time. Spend time with other people following a Paleo diet Make sure you eat enovgh 25 Enjoy better digestion The Paleo lifestyle restricts the consumption of highly allergenic foods, grains, processed meals, and dairy products. These foods cause inflammation and digestive problems in most people. 5 Improve your overall health Paleo Diet Facts In 2013, the PALEO DIET The PALEO LIFESTYLE was the world's most Going paleo will improve your health has proven to be healthier than diabetic and Mediterranean diets popular eating plan and prevent diseases. This eating plan helps clear up acne, eczema, chronic skin disorders, hormonal imbalances, and food allergies. Eat healthy without feeling deprived The PALEO DIET slabilises blood Compared to other eating plans, the Paleo diet is flexible and easy to follow. As long pressure and Most people who -go Paleo end up eating prevents heat as you stick to the foods allowed, you can mix and match them to cook delicious meals. FEWER CALORIES disease PER DAY without intentionally restricting portions It also improves INSULIN RESISTANCE and requletes Paleo boosts your mood BLOOD SUGAR LEVELS This EATING PLAN boosts immunity and belances your mood Research indicates that the Paleo diet improves mental wellbeing and wards off depression, anxiety, and mood swings.

/ reasons why you should try the paleo diet

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/ reasons why you should try the paleo diet. This infographic will show you how to make sure you are following the Paleo diet correctly.


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