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Realistic Domino's Pizza Tracker

Ralph waited for "Fat Douche Pat" to leave for another delivery. Ralph took an order over the phone: Medium pie, half pepperoni, half sausage. No anchovies. Highly allergic. Ralph put the tiniest piece of anchovy he could find on the pizza. Ralph stole "Fat Douche Fatty Pat's" 3DS from backpack. Ralph went to bathroom, flushed, rinsed one hand under cold water for 3 seconds, then proceeded to scratch balls. Your pizza is... On The Way! Ralph smoked a bowl in the car, spilling some ash on pizza. Ralph stood on the edge of a bridge, contemplating suicide. Ralph thought about what his 8th grade science teacher once told him--that he could make something of himself. Ralph Facebook searched for, then messaged his 8th grade science teacher from his smartphone: "Fuk u old man. eet shit." Ralph got so high he forgot why he wanted to kill himself Ralph thought about getting into the Chinese food takeout business. More opportunity. Ralph pussied out and trudged back to his car. Ralph took the pepperoni off half of your pizza, is planning to tell you you got 1/2 cheese. Ralph got $1.75 of gas then spent $8.75 on cigarettes and a FourLoko. Ralph texted his boy Piscatelli who works 10 at Best Buy. 11 Ralph drove to Best Buy. 12 Ralph played videogames at Best Buy for 12 minutes. 13 Ralph stole Willow Smith's CD Single "21st Century Girl." Ralph took a swig of FourLoko to wash down 14 his antidepressants Your pizza is... 5 Minutes Away! Ralph's car ran out of gas, and bitch-ass Piscatelli isn't picking up his burner. Ralph called you, "I'm 5 minutes away, can you come pick me up?" Ralph rolled a fat blunt while waiting. Ralph put on "21st Century Girl," concluded it's "Not bad." Ralph ate a slice of your pizza. You arrive after 18 minutes driving at 75 MPH in a 30 MPH school zone and running 2 red lights. Ralph says, "Hey man, what took you so long?" Ralph is selling you the 3DS for 20 bucks. Collegeltumor

Realistic Domino's Pizza Tracker

shared by rmmojado on Jan 29
Thank you for choosing Domino's Pizza! You can keep track of the progress of your delivery here. Your chef is Ralph. Your pizza is in the oven!



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