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Real Food: It's Harder To Find Than You Think

REAL FOOD MILK IT'S HARDER TO FIND THAN YOU THINK Most of the food consumed in this country has been chemically treated, genetically engineered, or heavily processed – and none of it requires a warning label. It's hardly even real food anymore, and it is negatively impacting our health. Find out how you and your family can reduce your risk and make healthier choices. THE GE THREAT Do you think it's a good idea to combine the genes of plants and chemicals? Genetically engineered food is created with technology that alters the makeup of organisms we consume, such as plants and animals, by modifying them with foreign DNA or synthetic genes, often through radiation or chemicals. 70% SQUP SOUP SOUP SOUP SOUP SOUP SOUP SOUP CRACKERS CRACKERS CRACKERS CRACKERS CRACKERS An estimated 70 percent of foods sold in the supermarket contain genetically modified organisms (GMOS). Some Genetically Engineered Food in the U.S., by Percentage: 85% 88% 91% 95% Corn Cotton * Soybeans Sugar beets *Cottonseed oil is used in many food products. The Hidden GMOs Hundreds of additives derived from GMOS are also in most ingredients we consume daily. Ingredient: What is it: Likely in your: Glucose Simple sugar chemically made from corn Soft drinks, baked goods. Lecithin An emulsion made from soy Chocolate, ice cream. Maltodextrin Additive made from cornstarch Instant soup, crackers, and snacks. Taking a Health Risk Over 70 % of the corn grown in the U.S., is now grown from genetically modified seeds patented by the company Monsanto. Monsanto also controls patented seeds for soy, cotton, and alfalfa crossed with chemical pesticides. Because GE is a new process, more testing is needed. Consumption can produce: Severe allergic reaction Antibiotic resistance Immune suppression Cancer 30 30 countries, including France, Germany, Italy, and Japan, have already banned or restricted GMOS, while the U.S still doesn't even require GMO labeling! A NOTE FOR THE CARNIVORE Conventional burgers, steaks, and lunch meat may mean your family is munching on synthetic hormones, bacteria, and genetically modified organisms! The Most Processed Meats on the Market Sausage Hot dog It's still legal to feed cattle the remains of other animals, including the blood of other cows. This practice allows illnesses to enter the food chain, and may lead to Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy or Mad Cow Disease. Bacon Hamburger Eating 2 Ounces of Processed Meat a Day Means You Are: 42% 19% more likely to get heart disease. 120 more likely to get diabetes. To reduce your family's risk of allergies, eColi, or even cancer, buy meats that are certified organic. Also look for grass-fed labeling, which means the animal was raised under humane, best practices without chemical intrusion. A Thought on Dairy Thinking of turning to dairy products? Tread carefully: Animals injected with growth hormones likely produce chemically altered products. This means you are also getting hormones that can wreak havoc on your endocrine system. Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH) injected into cows produces IGF-1 milk. The presence of X4 the same hormone increases the risk of human development of breast, colorectal, and prostate cancer four times more than those avoiding IGF-1. MILK ГBGH) Cows injected with TBGH have a much higher rate of udder infections. Farmers treat them with antibiotics, which eventually end up in the dairy products we consume. MILK EATING SMART GOOD LAND BEEF The only way to protect your family from chemically treated and genetically engineered food is to buy real food that's certified organic. Think of it this way: If your grandma wouldn't recognize the product or the ingredients, you probably shouldn't be eating it. USDA ORGANIC GRASS-FED Brought to you by: SOURCES: NATURALNEWS.COM, NRDC.ORG, EWG.ORG, WORLDWATCH.ORG, CENTERFORFOODSAFETY.ORG, CARE2.COM, RAW-WISDOM.COM, NONGMOSHOPPINGGUIDE.COM ecomom *....* *******

Real Food: It's Harder To Find Than You Think

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Most of the food consumed in this country has been chemically treated, genetically engineered, or heavily processed - and none of it requires a warming label. It's hadly even real food anymore and it ...




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