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The Real Chocolate Factory

HOLYMOLEYJOBS.COM The UK's Most User Friendly Job Board The Real Chocolate Factory Ever wondered how chocolate is made? TESTING Anyone who has ordered Dominos Pizza online recently may be familiar with the bewildering phrase 'Quality Control' when looking at their order update. Chocolate goes through this mysterious phase as well. Scientific machinery has been engineered to liquidise sample cocoa beans from a batch and detect whether or not the beans have survived their long pilgrimage to the factory. The cleanliness and quality of flavour is scrupulously examined. ROASTING The successful cocoa beans that have qualified to serve greedy Brits get hauled into a roaster to develop their flavour. This machine is half oven and half giant hamster wheel, heaven forbid we ever confuse the two. The cocoa beans are usually roasted in here for between 10 and 35 minutes - a hamster would only last seconds. CRACKING A cracking good Easter egg couldn't be made without a cracking good cracking stage. The cocoa beans are put through more specialised machinery to crack the shells off of them and unleash their inner souls - otherwise known as cocoa nibs. This stage is sometimes known as winnowing. GRINDING As intricate as the chocolate making process is it wouldn't be complete without a bit of a grind. The machines used for this are called milling machines and their job is to grind the cocoa nibs into a powder which is then melted into a paste. What this does is decrease the size of the cocoa mass and its ingredients as well as evenly spreading out the cocoa butter. REFINING With the cocoa beans now finally resembling a thick gloopy brown paste and looking like chocolate liquor (or something else less pleasant), they can be mixed with sugar and various other ingredients. The mixing takes place in a rotating chocolate merry-go-round device. The machines at this stage of the process add secret recipes and other more typical ingredients such as milk, sugar and cream, This is where the chocolate starts to develop the brand's own unique taste. TEMPERING Things are getting a bit dizzy now as another spinning machine rotates the chocolate liquor whilst cooling it down. This of the process ensures that the chocolate has the right texture and shine to it. After all, this brown stuff has got to look appetising. MOULDING This is where the chocolate is shaped and moulded into those Easter eggs that we love so very much. The chocolate is siphoned up through a large tube and then percolated into the egg shaped containers that mould them into chocolate eggs. They are then cooled in yet another machine to keep them hard, even though you're inevitably going to accidentally leave them out to melt at some point anyway. PACKAGING Let's wrap this up. The packaging process involves lots of conveyor belts, like the ones you never see your luggage on in airports. They pull, bang, grapple Yummy! Yummy! Yummy! and stamp at the eggs until they magically end up sealed in air tight packaging. So that's the chocolate egg making process for you in an eggshell! Yum @holymoleyjobs

The Real Chocolate Factory

shared by holymoleyjobs on May 21
The Engineering Behind your Easter Eggs Dan | 16/04/2014 | Seasonal | No Comments It’s approaching that time of year again when people all over the country can consume copious amounts of chocola...




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