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Ramen Cheat Sheet

Ramen CHEAT SHEET Select, prep and cook your way to perfect ramen goodness one ingredient at a time.* *MAKE SURE TO READ ALL THE INGREDIENTS TO ENSURE THEY DON'T CONTAIN ANY SUBSTANCES THAT YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO. SELECT YOUR NOODLES STRAIGHT CURLY INSTANT Ideal for lighter Accompanies a hearty meat base Complements miso broths soups CHOOSE A PROTEIN LAND SEA VEGETARIAN GROUND BEEF SHRIMP TOFU PORK BELLY Cured and cubed or CRAB MEAT SEITAN thinly sliced TEMPEH CHICKEN BREAST SCALLOPS EGG Soft boiled ADD THE AROMATICS ONION GARLIC GINGER SELECT AND PREPARE VEG carrots cabbage bok choy scallion mushrooms bean sprouts spinach bamboo shoots CHOOSE YOUR SOUP BASE TONKOTSU MISO SHOYU SHIO A nutty fermented bean paste soup A light broth made with soy rich base of A salty, clear boiled pork broth bones sauce GARNISH PICKLED GINGER GREEN SCALLION KIMCHI NORI Fermented Dried seaweed cabbage for a punch SOFT BOILED EGG SEASONING OPTIONS TOGARASHI COLD BUTTER MAYU A thick-cut pat Slow-cooked sesame Japanese spice powder for richness oil and garlic SESAME SEEDS CHILI PASTE CURRY POWDER A great complement to miso broths For heat To add body to broths SALT PEPPER SOY SAUCE HOW 1O COOH 1 PUT YOUR SOUP 2 SEASON BASE ON THE STOVE THE BROTH Heat up the broth in a medium saucepan. If Add salt, soy sauce, garlic and you're making yours from scratch, you'll whatever other seasonings will need to prepare it ahead of time. complement your protein. 3 BOIL YOUR NOODLES Boil unsalted water in another medium Drain them once done, but saucepan and add your ramen noodles. don't add them to your broth Cook for 2 - 4 minutes according to until you are ready to eat. package instruction. If you are making your own noodles, prepare these before you start cooking. 4 COOK YOUR PROTEIN, VEGETABLE AND EGG Cook your proteins according to type. Once If desired, soft boil an egg for 7 minutes your protein is halfway cooked, add your while your protein and veg cook. Rinse, vegetables into the pan, cooking all cool and dry before slicing in half. together until the veg is golden and the protein is finished. ASSEMBLE THE RAMEN FINISH THE DISH If making your own broth, add the ingredients to a stockpot, bring to the boil. Pour your broth into a bowl, followed Season with salt to taste and place by the protein and veg. Place your any garnishes you desire on top, noodles right on top. including the egg. RECOMMENDED COMBINATIONS VEGETARIAN WEEKNIGHT STAPLE VEG DELIGHT THAI TREAT Shio Miso Broth Shoyu Curly Ramen Assortment Of Veg? Instant Ramen Instant Ramen Tofu Mushroom Bok choy Onion Tofu Garlic Ginger Sesame Seeds Peanuts Scallion Ginger Kimchi Soy sauce Egg Scallion Egg VEGAN AROMATIC MISO SPICY SEITAN GARLIC VEG Miso Broth Shoyu Shio Curly Ramen Instant Ramen Curly Ramen Cabbage Bean Sprouts Tempeh Seitan Scallion Mushroom Onion Onion Bok Choy Garlic Garlic Carrots Ginger Togarashi Chili Paste Soy Sauce Togarashi Ginger MEAT SPICY SHRIMP CLASSIC FLAVORS CRAB RAMEN Shio Tonkotsu Shio Straight Ramen Pork Belly Scallion Instant Ramen Curly Ramen Shrimp Crab Onion Carrots Bean Sprout Carrots Mushroom Scallion Ginger Bamboo Shoots Garlic Nori Chili Paste Garlic Soy Sauce Togarashi Egg Egg LOW-CALORIE LIGHT CHICKEN RAMEN HEALTHY TOFU LOW CAL KIMCHI Miso Broth Shoyu Shoyu Instant Ramen Curly Ramen Instant Ramen Chicken Tofu Kimchi Cabbage Bok Choy Bean Sprouts Carrots Onion Scallion Spinach Scallion Ginger Soy Sauce Soy Sauce Chili Paste Ginger Ginger Great ramen all comes down to balance and personal taste, so the more you experiment, the more delights you're bound to discover. НАРРУ HAPPY SLURPING SOURCES Anselmo, Annamaria. Men's Health. 2015. 10 Great Ways to Upgrade Ramen. Christensen, Emma. The Kitchn. 2010. What's the Difference? Soba, Udon and Rice Noodles. Davis, Elizabeth. Tastemade. 2016. 6 Glorious Types of Ramen You Should Know. Eisenpress, Cara. First We Feast. 2015. The Complete Guide to Making Ramen at Home. Kenji Lopez-Alt, J. Serious Eats. 2013. The Serious Eats Guide to Ramen Styles. Shockey, Nate. 2015. A Guide to the Regional Ramen of Japan. cc 00 This image is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International License - CashNetUSA. EMoney's on the wayo

Ramen Cheat Sheet

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Whether settling in for a comfortable evening by yourself or trying to spice things up for the whole family, the ramen noodle – when appropriately prepared – is an exotic and nutritious treat that...




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