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The Pumpkin Beer Comparison

Brewery Shipyard Blue Moon Southampton Wolaver's Buffalo Bill's Elysian Smuttynose Weyerbacher Dogfish Head Southern Tier Pumpkinhead Harvest Moon Pumpkin Ale Pumpkin Ale Pumpkin Night Owl Pumpkin Imperial Pumpkin Punk Pumpking Beer Pumpkin Ale HUPYARI Weyerbache MPERIAL MPKIN ALE MA LUE MOON.SEASONAL COLLECTO AMERICA's ORiginal DOgrish Head SINCE 199 PUmpkin Ale IMPERIAL Wolaver's Punkin pumking BREKING C A led wikal selis d Ale What the certified organic ROL Steven UTHAMPTO pletin A bottle A full.bodied brown ale rewed with real Pumpki rown sugar, allspick Ciunamon & nutmet looks lihe JARVEST MOO ELYSIAN EMOON ICK HOUSE" MPRINHEAD PUMPKIN ALE NIGHT OWL PMPEIN ALI 12 . 75 lk. by lal Buffalo Bill's BREW Taste FERMENTNATION I Less alcohol, less pumpkin flavor FERMENT NATION More alcohol, more pumpkin flavor I FERMENT NATION Spectum 4.5% abv 5.7% abv 5.5% abv 5.35% abv 5.2% abv 5.1% abv 6.3% abv 8.0% abv 7.0% abv 9.0% abv Percent Alcokol (abv) & lihely glass shape Ooh. This is pretty nice. The pumpkin and spice flavors are lively and seasonal -- definitely got that pumpkin pie thing Rich and punkiny with a truly groovy warming quality. Medium to full- bodied. That's whata lot of pumpkin beers lack:body. This is an extremely well-balanced beer, This would be super- fly on a camping trip on a cold night sitting around a campfire. Need to This is that dragon Costume that breathes real fire and everyone at the party remembers. This brew is extremely fresh tasting and with certifled organic ingredients, it his the mark for authentic pumpkin flavor. Hot a ton of body, but actually fairly thirst- quenching as it exhibits some This brew takes pretty much like pumpkin ple smells, although It could definitely do with Medium-bodied ale Extremely even. Pretty smooth and very drinkable. This is the least exqulsite of all the pumpkin ales, but that is NOT a bad thing. In fact, I would consider Blue Moon Harvest Moon to be a "gateway" beer that could lead the way to the festive and spicy world of Medlum-bodled but (on the llghter slde of medium) with a little pumpkin flavor and a little spicy flavor and a little beer flavor and it tastes exactly like pumpkin ale on the larger side of medium. Super smooth ale. An and an even better- balanced pumpkin beer. Nice medium warm up? Weyer- bacher's Imperial Pumpkin Ale does This may even be the Great Pumpkin himself. This is ex- travagant and Pumpkinliclous. I you like pumpkin ales and haven't tried this one, shame on you. Go all out this Hal-lowe en Celebrate the garish more body. The spices are well balanced and it's truly drinkable but not veryhearty. body with a fairly creamy mouthfeel. The pumpkin flavoris not faint or thin by any means - but has a freshness and exceptional beer even without the golng on. The body Is light to medium with a nice efferves- cence. Southampton is not over the top in style but has plenty tooffe. pumpkin. A review The fruity essence of pumpkin with stern yet mellow spicing gives a wine-like quality to this beer that Dogfish lovers shouldtaste. the trick with a of the Smuttynose has all of the lovely traits that I found in the Buffalo Bill's offering. Smuttynose takes them to a pemphin warming alcohol kick. My tastes lean beer Flemish sour qualltles. Not overbearing, but not uber-smooth,either. toward a bigger beer with more body,more clean finish that Maybe some beer drinkers who don't some other pumpkin brews lack. pumpkin brews. Medlum to full- normally experiment with all those "weird" style, more sexiness. But Buffalo Bill's bodied ale with lots Harvest Moon is a cool first step toward Halloween madness. Very accessible as well, with a fun burst of flavor but keeping itcool at 5.5% abv. of spices that hlt your tongue but really go through the nose when you exhale. Then that have come to find as Of all the pumpkin beers may give this a try and broaden their horizons. slightly higher level. Veryimpressive. one of the signature features of their off- gives just enough. Definitely bring this and ob-noxious Really smooth and drinkable despite a tell-tale pumpkin flavor. brews I've tried, it centered ales. costumes and have a ranks up there with So. Tier Pumking and Dogfish Head Punk. Very accessible but one to a party where you might flnd Pumpking. I'm afraid not very stylish. spiciness stays a bit inyour chest. nature-lovers and green folks. Ferment 3.525 Flags 3.5 Flags 3.7 Flags 3.7 Flags 3.75 Flags 3.525 Flags 3.9 Flags 3.77 Flags 3.88 Flags 3.95 Flags Nalion score PUMPKIN BEER COMPARISON GRO All scores are based on points given for Representation, Accessibility, Personal Preference, and Style, for a maximum of 4.0. EMENT For more information, check out WWW.FERMENTNATION.COM TRIS southern tier

The Pumpkin Beer Comparison

shared by judithgold on Dec 28
Fall is a great time to celebrate fall produce and pumpkin is one of the most notable treats during this season. To celebrate the fall, many beer produces create a pumpkin flavored beer. This infograp...


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