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The Price of a Balanced Diet Around the World

THE PRICE OF A BALANCED DIET: AROUND THE WORLD £5 Based on a recommended balanced diet of 2000 calories, compared with London, UK prices RECEIPT LONDON ENGLAND FOR 1 DAYS SHOPPING 0.24 MILK (REGULAR) - (0.25 LITRE) 0.26 LOAF OF BREAD - (130.00G) 0.20 RICE (WHITE)- (O.13KG) 0.70 EGGS - (3.60) LOCAL CHEESE - (0.15KG) CHICKEN BREASTS-(0.25KG) 1.04 1.82 0.65 APPLES - (0.34KG) 0.65 ORANGES - (0.34KG) 0.44 TOMATO - (0.21KG) 0.33 POTATO - (0.35KG) 0.14 LETTUCE - (0.15 HEAD) TOTAL = £6.47 PARIS France are the TOTAL £8.43 FRANCE largest consumers of cheese in the world, and produce over 300 different kinds of cheese. 30% DEARER THAN LONDON In Hong Kong, the orange is a symbol for wealth/good DISCOVERY HONG RAY TOTAL £13.25 fortune and completeness, and is an important part of Chinese New Year 104% celebrations. DEARER THAN LONDON KUALA MALAYSIA LUMPUR Malaysia is one of the cheapest countries inthe TOTAL £3.57 world, with chicken breasts only costing on average 0.51 per 45% 0.25kg. CHEAPER THAN LONDON CENSORED Australia's SYDNEY 6,700 dairy farmers TOTAL produce ´AUSTRALIA 6.63 around 9.5 billion litres of milk a year. 2% DEARER THAN LONDON ABU DHABI Despite Abu Dhabi being one of the richest citles in the world, the cost of living is actually cheaper than TOTAL £3.63 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Thailand. 44% CHEAPER THAN LONDON BANGKOK More than half the labour force in TOTAL Thailand is involved with rice production. THAILAND 4.11 37% W. CHEAPER THAN LONDON 1 ZURICH The cheapest item for sale in Zurich in 2009 TOTAL £12.09 was an egg from a foreign farm costing the equivalent of 21 SWITZERLAND pence. 87% DEARER THAN LONDON CAIRO EG YPT Lettuce was first used by ancient Egyptlans (who considered It a weed) they used its seeds to produce oil, before using it as a plant grown for its TOTAL £2.36 seeds and leaves. 64% WEED CHEAPER THAN LONDON In 1943, pre-sliced NEW YORK bread was banned in TOTAL £6.33 USA the USA, but only for 3 months. 2% CHEAPER THAN LONDON CAPE TOWN Potatoes are an important vegetable crop in South Africa TOTAL SOUTH AFRICA $2.94 and account for approximately 45% of total 55% vegetable crops produced. CHEAPER THAN LONDON DELHI India is the world's third biggest producer of apples, producing nearly 3 million TOTAL £1.95 INDIA tonnes in 2012. 70% CHEAPER THAN LONDON NUMBER OF DAYS LI000 WOULD ALLOW YOU TO EAT A BALANCED DIET OF 2000 CALORIES EVERY DAY (USING THE LONDON UK SHOPPING LIST): DELHI 512 DAYS CAIRO 423 DAYS CAPE TOWN 340 DAYS KUALA LUMPUR 280 DAYS ABU DHABI 275 DAYS BANGKOK 243 DAYS NEW YORK 157 DAYS K LONDON 154 DAYS SYDNEY 150 DAYS PARIS 118 DAYS + ZURICH 82 DAYS * DISCOVERY BAY 75 DAYS SOURCE: WWW.NUMBEO.COM/FOOD-PRICES/ Hotel @HotelContractBeds Contract f KILLER

The Price of a Balanced Diet Around the World

shared by Aptitude on Aug 20
Everyone is entitled to a balanced and healthy diet. Food is essential to our physical health and wellbeing - but prices across the world can vary dramatically.




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