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Preservation Techniques: Pickling, Fermenting, Smoking, Sous Vide

PRESERVATION TECHNIQUES Pickling, Fermenting, Smoking, Sous Vide TECHNIQUE #1 PICKLING WHAT IS IT? HOW TO Pickles are foods SALT soaked in a solution, usually vinegar, a VINEGAR SPICES strong acid in which Use Be adventurous few bacteria can expensive vinegar. with the spices survive, that help you add to your prevent spoilage. pickling liquid. I Don'toverheat• your pickling liquid. Step1 Bring vinegar, salt, and desired spices to a boil. FOODS THAT CAN BE PICKLED VEGETABLES Step2 Wait for about a minute. CUCUMBERS ARTICHOKES GREEN TOMATOES Step3 Pour the liquid over the food item. OKRA CARROTS ZUCCHINI FRUITS Step4 Step4 CANTALOUPE FIGS CRABAPPLES Refrigerate overnight in a Store in a mason jar bowl tightly covered with for preservation. plastic wrap for quick use. CAUTION APPLES PEARS WATERMELONS Watch out EGGS for bubbles (bubbles-air or bacteria). TECHNIQUE #2 FERMENTING WHAT IS IT? HOW TO Fermentation is a method of food preservation that also enhances the nutrient content of the food. The ов action of the bacteria makes the WHEY minerals in cultured foods more readily available to the body. The STARTER CULTURES bacteria also produce B vitamins and enzymes that are beneficial for SALT Stepl digestion. Choose a method: salt, whey, and/or starter cultures. CONTAINERS FOR FERMENTING E Vegetables should be under the brine. Solution GLASS JARS CERAMIC CROCKS WOODEN BARRELS Step2 Place the vegetables in water and FOODS THAT CAN BE FERMENTED the salt, whey, or starter culture solution and weigh the vegetables down under the brine, keeping them in an anaerobic environment during the fermentation period. TEA EGGPLANT CUCUMBERS (KOMBUCHA) Step3 Once the vegetables are finished culturing, move them to cold MILK SOYBEANS CABBAGE storage. TECHNIQUE #3 SMOKING he WHAT IS IT? TWO TYPES OF SMOKING Smoking uses DRY SMOKING low 000000000000000. Dry smoking uses ................................ temperatures, indirect cooking 180 to 220 with a low, degrees F, and Wood smoldering wood long cooking fire to slowly cook Coal times to cook foods while infusing and flavor foods. smoke flavor. WET SMOKING LOW TEMPERATURE Wet smoking, or water smoking, is more commonly employed and uses a pan of water LONG COOKING TIME to maintain moisture and tenderness. Keep water pan full, replenishing as needed with hot tap water. HOW TO Step1 WOOD COAL Distribute TIP water-soaked wood Start with small amount of wood to chunks, chips, and/or AROMA TICS see if you like the flavor, adding more for more intense smoky flavor. aromatics among the Aromatics like leaves, Make wood chips last longer and herbs, cinnamon sticks, coals to enhance the prevent burning by bundling wet etc. wood chips in a foil packet with holes. Place the packet directly on flavor. the coals. Step2 TIP Cover grill to Don't peek! Heat and smoke allow heat and escape each time the lid is lifted, sacrificing aroma and smoke to slowly flavor and increasing cooking penetrate and A time. cook the food. FOODS THAT CAN BE SMOKED BEEF LAMB PORK POULTRY OILY FISH TECHNIQUE #4 SOUS VIDE WHAT IS IT? HOW TO An immersion circulator is attached to a pot of water. Meat, fish or veggies are either vacuum sealed or placed in plastic bags and left in in OR the pot, where heated water moves around it for even cooking. The water PLASTIC BAG CANNING JAR never rises above the set temperature. Step1 Seal the ingredients in a plastic bag (or a canningjar). FOODS THAT CAN BE SOUS VIDE BEEF POULTRY Step2 Place them ina water bath, a combi-oven, or any other cooker that can set and hold a target temperature to within a degree or two. FISH VEGETABLES Step3 When the food reaches target temperature or time, take it out, give it a quick sear or other finish, and serve it. Chef Works SOURCES: ViTE

Preservation Techniques: Pickling, Fermenting, Smoking, Sous Vide

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Read on to learn how to pickle, ferment, smoke, and sous vide some of your favorite foods.




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