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The Pour Over Coffee Brewing Guide

the Pour Over Coffee BREWING GUIDE Just follow these simple steps to brew the perfect cup of coffee 2 INGREDIENTS & TOOLS BOIL WATER IN KETTLE Here is what you will need to brew a great cup of coffee Heat enough water to rinse the paper filter prior to brewing coffee grounds water coffee dripper kettle Pour cold water into kettle (around 600-700 ml) Bring water to a boil Remove kettle from heat Let it cool for 30 seconds mug paper cone filter 4 PLACE DRIPPER ON MUG PLACE FILTER INSIDE DRIPPER Porcelain drippers are highly U recommended as they retain heat Paper cone filters typically come in three sizes, including #1, #2 and #4 Rinse the paper filter and mug by pouring boiling water over the filter hee This helps to preheat the dripper and mug, while removing any paper taste Pour out water inside your mug 5 ADD FRESHLY GROUND COFFEE TO THE FILTER Pour the ground coffee evenly into the filter. 25-30 grams or approximately 2 tablespoons of freshly ground coffee is recommended per serving. POUR WATER SLOWLY INTO THE COFFEE GROUNDS Pour water slowly into the center and then outwards towards the edges of the dripper in a circular motion to evenly wet all the grounds. Allow 30 seconds for the grounds to bloom before continuing. 7 CONGRATULATIONS Now it is time to enjoy your cup of coffee

The Pour Over Coffee Brewing Guide

shared by Nee on Dec 25
Follow this simple guide to make a great tasting drip coffee. Enjoy!




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