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The Classic Sweetie oil&salt caramel POPCORN Il Mexico lime&salt Italiano pesto Navy Blue cheese What is favorite your topping? THE LEGEND OF POPCORN One starry night, Crying Wolf and his friends were as usual sitting around by the fire, sharing stories and eating snacks. Suddenly Crying Wolf heard something! Was it a rattlesnake, or perhaps a bear? As he quickly got to his feet, he dropped his corn cob into the fire. "-Damn feathered fish of the mountain", he said and then jumped at the sudden popping. Out of the fire came shooting small white projectiles. Were the spirits angry at him? As Crying Wolf picked one up, he realized it looked like a small flower, and thought to himself that is was a blessing. He quickly gathered as many flowers he could find, and ran over to Sunrise Dawn's tepee to deco- rate it. To his surprise, he discovered that Sunrise Dawn ate all of the white flowers. But, the next morning he was finally allowed to move in, and their two kids got the names White Flower and Popping Fire. A kernel of corn consists of starch and some water, contained within a hard shell. When the kernel is heated, the water transformsinto steam. 2 swell, a process known as gelatinization (think of cereal in milk). In the steam and hot water mixture, the starch begins to dissolve and 3 200 degrees Celsius and almost 1000 kPa, it pops! The steam pushes hard on the shell, and at roughly By the cool air outside the kernel, the jellylike starch becomes the solid, fluffy material that tastes so good.


shared by Espace777 on Oct 20
Fun facts about popcorn and what happens inside as a kernel is heated. Also, a legend reveals the history of popcorn.


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