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Pizza - Price per slice review PRESENTS PRICE PER SLICE REVIEW WITH OVER A QUARTER OF A MILLION ONLINE SEARCHES FOR DOMINOS ALONE EVERY MONTH IN THE UK, IT'S CLEAR TO SEE THE BRITISH LOVE PIZZA. THE FOLLOWING RESEARCH COMPARES VARIOUS LOCAL AND NATIONWIDE OUTLET PRICES FOR LARGE MARGHERITA AND PEPPERONI PIZZAS AS WELL AS THEIR PRICE PER SLICE. UK Price Per Slice Guide FULL PIZZA PRICES: MARGHERITA/PEPPERONI Cheapest Margherita £4• £0.52p• Cheapest Margherita at Brothers Pizza at Brothers Pizza Priciest Pepperoni £15.99 Newçastle Cheapest Pepperoni £0.57p• at Dominos, Pizza Hut, Papa John's, Perfect Pizza (Bristol), Perfect Pizza (Newcastle) BelfastO at Brothers Pizza Cheapest Pepperoni £5.49 OBirmingham Pizza Priciest Margherita at Munchies London £12.99 Bristol PER at Dominos Priciest Pepperoni SLICE £1.75 at Firezza and Tops Pizza in London (67% more expensive) Priciest Margherita £1.30 at Dominos (60% more expensive) 00. The cheapest Large Margherita out of the players is Brothers Pizza in Belfast priced at £5.00, or £0.42/slice The cheapest Large Margherita out of the Big 3 is Papa John's priced at £10.99, or £1.10/slice. On average the big 3 charge 28% more for a large Pepperoni. Large Pepperoni Pizzas at Dominos, Pizza Hut and PJ are priced at £15.99, or £1.60/slice North vs. South On average a Large Pepperoni Pizza up North is £4 cheaper Up north the cheapest Large Margherita found was priced at £4 in Belfast, down South the cheapest Margherita found was than down South. priced at £5.49 in Birmingham. Down South a Pepperoni Pizza slice is 33% more LONDON On average a Large Margherita Pizza up North is £3 cheaper expensive. than down South. London vs UK On average a large Pepperoni pizza in London will cost £14.40, almost £4 more than in the rest of the UK (£10.7) Price per slice for a Price per slice for a large Margherita is 35% more in Pepperoni pizza is 38% more in London than in the London than in the rest of the UK rest of the UK London by Postcode Cheapest Large Margherita in London on Average is £7.50 in Central Cheapest Margherita per slice is also in London area. NORTH Central London at an average price of £0.75p, EAST compared to The most WEST £0.90p in West expensive London Margherita on (16.6% more). average is 13% more in West CENTRAL London at £8.95. SOUTH WEST Cheapest Pepperoni per slice Cheapest Pepperoni can be SOUTH EAST can be found in South West found in South West London at London at an average price of an average price of £9.28 which £0.91. is 22% cheaper than the most expensive Pepperoni in the city, located in West London at an average Whilst the most expensive can be found in price of £11.95. South-East London at an average price of £1.28, almost 30% more expensive (28.9%). Conclusions CHEAPEST CHEAPEST Cheapest area in London for a large Cheapest area in London for a EXPENSIVE large margherita is Central pepperoni is South West London (£9.28), West London's pepperoni pizzas are 22% more expensive (£11.95) London (average of £7.50), whilst the most expensive area is West London at an average of £8.95 (13% more) London is the most expensive pizza city; Belfast and Birmingham are the cheapest. A Large pepperoni pizza costs on average £14.4 in London, For this price you could A large margherita get more than 2.5 costs on average £10.6 in London large pepperoni pizzas in for the same price you Birmingham. could get more than 2.5 large margheritas in Belfast. Cheapest are in London for Cheapest area in London for margherita slice is Central London at an average of £0.75p; 16.6% cheaper than the most pepperoni slice is South West London, averaging £0.91p, III whilst the most expensive is expensive average price located the South-East at an average in West London (£0.90p) price of £1.28 (28.9% more) Pizza History Bread was used as The Latin word "picea" The world's Until 1889 cheese was not used plates for those who which describes the first in Pizza. It was added for the first couldn't afford cutlery blackening of bread in the Pizzeria time in Italy when a chef made a Pizza for Queen Margarita using or dishes. The first oven or the black ash that opened in pizzas were just dough gathers at the bottom of Naples tomato, cheese and basil to sow and tomato sauce. the oven. in 1738. the colours of the Italian flag. Pizza Facts In Japan one of the most popular toppings is squid. Most Pizzas Pizza are delivered Delivery on Friday and Saturday nights. Dominos delivers the most New Year's Day and Halloween are two of the most popular pizza delivery days. pizzas in the world. Pizza The equivalent of 100 acres of pizza is consumed every day in the States. The three circles in the Dominos logo represent their first three stores. of people Pizza Hut Pizza Hut has is the largest Pizza consider 55million pizza to be the customers in the Pizza Hut 36% perfect breakfast. UK every year (Around 88% of the population) seller in the world. Men are 3 Woman are October times more twice as likely to order pepperoni pizza. is national pizza month more likely to order veggie pizza. 250 million pounds of pepperoni is consumed in the US every year. The equivalent of 1680 blue whales. 11,042 km The longest pizza delivery was from Cape Town to Sydney. Patrick Bertoletti has the record of eating 47 slices of 16" pizza in 10 minutes. Each year pizza is a $30 billion industry the equivalent of North Korea's GDP. of all pizza orders are The concept of pizza has actually been around since the Neolithic age, with records of people adding toppings to bread to make it more flavourful. 36% pepperoni. METHODOLOGY COMPARISONS • Sources o, o o o o o Large Margarita/Pepperoni prices o Large Margarita/ Pepperoni prices per slice o The Big Three (Dominos, Pizza Hut, Papa Johns) o National chains vs. local outlets o North vs. South (including Birmingham) o London vs. Rest of the UK DATA o Based on 12inch Large Margarita/Pepperoni Pizzas o London: Based on Average Price per Postcode on o used top 2/3 reviewed outlets in each city o Average Large Margarita price o Average Large Pepperoni price o Average Margarita price per slice o Average Pepperoni price per slice Domino's Domino's

Pizza - Price per slice review

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The British love pizza - it's actually officially one of the country's top ten favourite foods - and we eat more than 250 million slices a year. But there's a lot of history, facts and figures surroun...




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