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The Perks of Dining In

THE PERK S DINING IN 12 3 MORE SAVINGS The $30 you spend on a restaurant meal can help you prepare 3-4 meals at home. Forgo eating out and you will easily be able to cut your food budget by a significant amount and direct those savings to other important things. THE COST OF EATING OUT Thai Chicken Wrap HEALTHY OPTIONS RESTAURANT: $5.79 / 530 cal. HOMEMADE: $2.39 / 200 cal. The majority of restaurant foods contain high amounts of fat and calories that are detrimental to your health. Eating at home allows you to dictate the ingredients, portion, and the quality of food you consume. Chicken Cobb Salad RESTAURANT: $13.49 / 630 cal. HOMEMADE: $5.11 / 263 cal. FAMILY TIME Eating at home makes a great opportunity to spend quality time with your family. You can talk to your spouse about his day at work-or your children, about school-over a delicious home-cooked dinner. Turkey Sandwich RESTAURANT: $11.95 / 1,432 cal. HOMEMADE: $2.33 / 255 cal. MORE FUN By preparing meals together, teaching each other how to cook, or imagining being a contestant on a cooking show, making dinner be- comes less of a chore and more of a fun thing to do. Steak Salad RESTAURANT: $11.95 / 563 cal. HOMEMADE: $3.45 / 332 cal. NEW SKILLS As your learn new recipes, you get to experiment with new ingredients, be more creative with different cooking strategies, and improve your culinary skills. Preparing your own meal then feels more rewarding than eating out Ham & Pineapple Pizza RESTAURANT: $4.06 / 550 cal. HOMEMADE: $1.90 / 298 cal. at a restaurant. Make your kitchen the heart of your home. Visit to find out how we can help. the (kitchen) place |(@

The Perks of Dining In

shared by theadventurer on Apr 08
Do you think it’s better to dine in or eat out? In most cases, it's better to dine in because there are some great perks that accompany it. One is that you get to save more money if you cook your ow...


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