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Perfect Pairing: A Guide to Sushi and Sake

PERFECT PAIRING A GUIDE TO SUSHI AND SAKE WHAT IS SAKE? ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE MADE FROM FERMENTED RICE 65 RICE VARIETIES DESIGNATED FOR SAKE Served hot, cold, or iced Flat and sparkling varieties available F 15-17% alcohol 1,800 BREWERIES IN JAPAN INGREDIENTS PRODUCTION Large amount of distilled GRADE NAME alcohol added STANDARD 80% FUTSU FEATURES Strong alcohol taste Always served hot INGREDIENTS PRODUCTION Pure rice wine GRADE NAME No distilled alcohol added PREMIUM 14% JUNMAI FEATURES Full sake taste Clean and structured INGREDIENTS PRODUCTION 40+% rice polished away GRADE NAME No distilled SUPER 6% JUNMAI alcohol added PREMIUM GINJO FEATURES Big, bold sake taste Fruity and refined INGREDIENTS PRODUCTION 50+% rice polished away GRADE NAME Small amount 6% of distilled alcohol added SUPER DAI GINJO PREMIUM FEATURES Finest type of sake Light, complex, and fragrant TRY THIS! SUSHI PAIRINGS SUSHI Rainbow Roll SAKE Sho Chibu Bai Nama FEATURES This smooth, fresh, organic Junmai sake brings out mild, smoky flavors of tempura shrimp, salmon, and roe SUSHI Salmon Roll SAKE Gekkeikan Horin FEATURES The smoky salmon flavor will emerge and linger when paired with this refreshing, fruity Dai Ginjo sake SUSHI Spicy Tuna Roll SAKE Indigo Wind Sparkling FEATURES The gentle, citrusy bubbles of this specialty sake go great with a spicy, savory roll SUSHI Stampeder Roll SAKE Baby G FEATURES The flavorful beef featured in this roll pairs well with the robustness of this dry, lightly sweet Junmai Ginjo sake SUSHI Samurai Roll SAKE Moonstone Asian Pear FEATURES The complex flavors of tuna, salmon, avocado, and imitation crab are easily accompanied by this light, crisp, easy-to-drink specialty sake INFOGRAPHIC PROVIDED BY: Sources: Sushi Bar Kitchen 4627115.html

Perfect Pairing: A Guide to Sushi and Sake

shared by BrittSE on Apr 23
Premium sake is clean and structured and offers a full sake taste. This pure rice wine has no distilled alcohol added and can enhance a variety of sushi rolls! Check out this infographic from Sho Sus...


Sho Sushi


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