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Paleo Diet Explained

PALEO DIET *E X P L AINE D also known as the CAVEMAN DIET.. ...because it was the food stuff that our Paleolithic ancestors ate. Back then there was no fast food, so if you weren't fast and fit enough to catch it or gather it, you couldn't eat it. PAST VERSUS PRESENT Our Paleolithic Unnatural diet brought modern illness- ancestors where forth fit, strong and lean. es. They needed to be able Many people suffer disease, to catch the food that from heart was available then, and obesity, diabetes, auto- it was the food they ate immune diseases or that made them that cancer due to un- healthy foods & bad lifestyles. way. HEALTH BENEFITS☆ Why should you eat a Paleo diet, you ask? Here's why! HIGH IN: LOW IN: LEAN PROTEIN (for muscle growth & strength) FIBRE (for a healthy digestive system) CARBS TRANS FAT GOOD FATS (such as Omega-3) NATURAL & UNPROCESSED burns off stored fat | reduces allergies | has a natural anti-inflammatory effect stabilizes blood sugar | balances energy levels throughout the day helps you to sleep better | helps clear your skin & make it smoother makes your exercise workouts much more efficient Sources: Easy Low Fat Recipes

Paleo Diet Explained

shared by xandramcnight on Sep 17
Have you ever tried paleo diet? It's called the "original diet" because the foods included in it are those foods that our paleolithic ancestors ate - all natural.




paleo diet


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