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Paleo Diet Explained

PALEO DIET * EXPLAINED * also known as the CAVEMAN DIET... This is because it is based around the kinds of foods our Palaeolithic ancestors would of eaten. Back there they didn't have access to fast food, so if they weren't fit and fast enough to catch or gather it, they wouldn't of eaten all that much. PALEOLITHIC VS MODERN PALEOLITHIC TIMES MODERN TIMES Our ancestors The dlet we enjoy today Isn't as natural as our ancestors, and this has caused the development of varlous different Illnesses. Today the number of people who are obese, or suffer from heart dis- ease, dlabetes, auto-Immune dls- ease's and cancer has substantlally Increased. This Is as a result of eating unhealthy foods and making the wrong lfestyle cholces. cavemen weren't only fit they were also strong and lean. They had to be in order for them to catch the food that was available to them then. It was what they ate that made them who they were. Wondering Why You Should HEALTH BENEFITS * Be Following A Paleo Diet? Here's just a few reasons why!! NATURAL & HIGH IN: LOW IN: UNPROCESSED LEAN PROTEIN CARBOHYDRATES (Alds Muscle Growth and Strength) FIBRE (This Is good for helplng to keep your digestive system functioning properly) TRANS FAT SUGAR GOOD FATS (Such as Omega 3 that can really help your body to stay In top shape) PROCESSED FOODS PALEO DIET WHAT IS THE PALEO DIET? This is much more than a "fad" diet. This is more of a lifestyle choice and is about us nourishing our bodies with real food that is grown in the way that nature intended, rather than being manufactured. It's about you taking time out from relying on modern technology and instead allowing your body the chance to get plenty of sleep, and being able to bond with others face to face. It is a lifestyle that wants you to spend time outdoors and playing for the sake of playing. A way of helping to reduce your stress whilst giving your body a chance to thrive as it was meant to as it evolved. STATISTICS WHY GO PALEO ? Today in the USA 68.6% of its popula- Once we adopted a grain based agricul- ture it had an effect on Eating just the yolk of one egg will provide your body with 13 essential nutrients. tion is classified as being over weight, and of this figure 34.9% are classified as being obese. Also 6.4% of these people are classed as being extremely obese. our height. In some countries the average height of its people has gone down by as much as 13cm. HEALTH EFFECTS • You'll Find It Helps To Burn Off Stored Fat More Effectively • Your Skin Won't Only Be Much Clearer But Also Smoother • You Sleep Better • Reduces Allergies • Helps To Stabillize Blood Sugar Levels • Your Immune System Is Much Healthier • Helps To Balance Your Energy Levels Throughout The Day • You'll Find That Your Work Outs Are Much More Efficient WHAT TO EAT TO EAT • Vegetables and Frults That Are In Season And Where Posslble Local To You • Healthy Fats (Coconut, Almond and Olve OlI) • Nuts and/or Seeds • Wild Flsh, Seafood, Game • Grass Fed or Pasture Reared Meats TO AVOID • Gralns • Legumes • Soy • Refined Sugar • Processed Foods • Industrial Seed Olls PALEO PYRAMID HERBS, SPICES EXTRACTS, SUPPLEMENTS NUTS, SEEDS, NUT BUTTERS, APPROVED FATS AND OILS MEAT, FISH, FOWL, EGGS BEST TO SELECT ORGANIC SOURCES. REPRESENTS BULK OF CALORIES VEGETABLES ORGANIC AND/OR LOCALLY GROWN. FRUITS BULK MEAL EMPHASIS AND NUTRIENTS PALEOLIVING.ORG

Paleo Diet Explained

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This infographic explains the Paleo Diet listing the benefits, the foods, statistics and health benefit. Originally posted as part of the Ultimate Paleo Diet Guide at Paleo living http://paleoliving....


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