One Lump or Two? Facts and Statistics on Tea.

One Lump or Two? facts and statistics on tea Health Benefits O polyphenols found in tea leaves work as a natural anti-inflammatory tea is high in anti-oxidants, which can help lower the risk of ovarian cancer and heart disease catechin, a specific type of anti-oxidant in tea, works as a "fat blocker" and can aid in weight loss drinking tea can prevent blood clotting tea contains vitamin H which helps your immune system and can aid in the prevention of illness vitamin E found in tea can slow the aging process! O Tea Consumgtion 2.3 kgs worldwide by country per person in kilograms 1.5 kgs 1.0 kgs 0.9 kgs 0.8 kgs 0.7 kgs 0.4 kgs 0.3 kgs 0.2 kgs GB IE JP NL AU DE NO SW SE CA FR DK O RESTAURANTS SELL AN AVERAGE OF O 351,644,000 CUPS OF TEA PER YEAR. THAT'S ABOUT $527,466,000 WORTH! Types of Tea white 9% popularity based on type of tea leaf in percentage oolong black 16% DID YOU KNOW...? 42% All types of tea originate from the leaves of the same species of plant, called camellia sinensis. It's the processing t ime of the leaf that gives each type of tea its unique and tasty flavour! 33% green NEXT TO W ATER, TEA IS THE 2ND MOST CONSUMED BEVERAGE! References:

One Lump or Two? Facts and Statistics on Tea.

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Next to water tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world. High in anti-oxidants tea not only tastes good but has health benefits. This infographic illustrates some of the many wonders of ...




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