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The Oldest Restaurant in Every U.S. State

THE OLDEST RESTAURANI IN EVERY U.S. STATE Cuisine Type ) Iconic Dish PEKIN NOODLE PAROR ACACI ADICH GRILL HAYS HOUSE 1857 Tadie Gr VARALIO'S CATTLEMENS CAFE CAFE Bessemer, Alabama Skagway, Alaska Prescott, Arizona Oark, Arkansas San Francisco, California 1907 1897 1877 1907 O 1849 Tadieh Grill THE BRIGHT STAR OLIVIA'S BISTRO AT THE HISTORIC SKAGWAY INN THE PALACE RESTAURANT AND SALOON THE OARK GENERAL STORE TADICH GRILL Greek O Seafood W American Seafood () Alaskan halibut cakes Ð Seafood gumbo | Beginning as a simple hole-in-the-wall cafe with a horse-shaped bar, it outgrew three locations. It is officially recognized as an Alabama landmark. Seafood cioppino |Originally opened to serve Gold Rush prospectors, it's believed to be the first restaurant to grill seafood over mesquite charcoal, a technique used in the owner's native Croatia. Steakhouse, bar ПD Нотетаde pies |Oldest continuously operating store in Arkansas; offers groceries, gas, and wholesome food within the heart of the Ozarks ) Cattleman's filet mignon |Founded to serve Gold Rush prospectors and their families before Alaska even became a | The saloon was devastated by a fire in 1900, but loyal customers carried the iconic Brunswick bar to safety. It is still in use today after being restored to its |Western grandeur. state Denver, Colorado Essex, Connecticut Wilmington, Delaware Tampa, Florida Thomasville, Georgia 1893 1776 1864 1905 1916 THE BUCKHORN EXCHANGE THE GRISWOLD INN COLUMBIA RESTAURANT KELLY'S LOGAN HOUSE THE PLAZA RESTAURANT & OYSTER BAR O Seafood GĐ Clam chowder O Comfort food ) Pulled pork tacos O Cuban ) Deviled crab croquettes O Greek, seafood ) Ноmетade pies | Nestled among the plantations, majestic oaks, and luscious roses of Thomasville, this restaurant is a mainstay for locals and visitors. Steakhouse IÐ Granny Fanny's pot roast sandwich Considered a chronicle of early Colorado history: Businessmen, cattlemen, miners, gamblers, Native American chiefs, railroad workers, and silver barons gathered to eat and drink here. |Founded the same year as the USA, it provided food and shelter to shipyard workers building vessels to battle the British. Oldest continuously run bar owned by the same family; go-to spot for St. Patrick's Day celebrations |Established by Cuban immigrant Casimiro Hernandez Sr., it is the oldest Spanish restaurant in the U.S. Now, there are seven successful locations. Captain Cook, Hawaii Kingston, Idaho Long Grove, Illinois Haubstadt, Indiana Sherrill, Iowa 1917 1880 1847 O 1825 1852 MANAGO HOTEL RESTAURANT THE LOG INN THE SNAKE PIT THE VILLAGE INN BREITBACH'S COUNTRY DINING O Comfort food ) Baked French onion soup Comfort food ) Fried chicken and gravy Comfort food Comfort food IÐ Rocky Mountain oysters German and American Ð Deep-fried pork tenderloin Ð Pork chops | Famous for its family-style pork chops, this restaurant has been serving locals and tourists since before Hawaii became a state. Served as a boomtown bar, hotel, railroad layover, house of ill repute, and home base for loggers and miners over the course of its colorful history |Features a 35-foot mahogany bar, live entertainment, and all-you-can-eat fish fry Famous for Abe Lincoln's visit during his campaign tour in 1844 |After this beloved bar and restaurant burned to the ground twice within a year, the community rallied together to rebuild it. Council Grove, Kansas Bardstown, Kentucky New Orleans, Lousiana Biddeford, Maine Boonsboro, Maryland 1857 O 1779 1840 O 1927 1732 O S HOUSE 185 PALACE DINER HAYS HOUSE THE OLD TALBOTT TAVERN ANTOINE'S RESTAURANT THE PALACE DINER OLD SOUTH MOUNTAIN INN O Comfort food ) Fried chicken O French-Creole ) Baked Alaska American American O Seafood O Lumberjack breakfast (IÐ Maryland crab cakes | In 1859, this inn was captured and held overnight as part of John Brown's raid. It later served as a headquarters for Confederate generals during the Antietam campaign. D Skillet-fried chicken | According to legend, many famous pioneers, founders, politicians, soldiers, and criminals have sought respite and nourishment here. |Established by Antoine Alciatore at the age of 18, it is believed to be the oldest family-operated restaurant in America. | Located within an old Pollard train dining car, this diner was once a 24-hour source of comfort food for mill workers. |Served as a trading post, restaurant, government courthouse, mail distribution center, and church in its early days Charlestown, Massachusetts Metamora, Michigan Mantorville, Minnesota Meridian, Mississippi Arrow Rock, Missouri 1780 O 1848 1854 1870 1834 THE WARREN TAVERN THE WHITE HORSE IN WEIDMANN'S RESTAURANT J. HUSTON TAVERN O Comfort food THE HUBBEL HOUSE W Pub food O Southern comfort food (Đ Black-bottom pie O American Comfort food (I) Cowboy mac and cheese (IĐ Clam chowder | Frequented by many American Revolutionary War legends, such as Paul Revere, Ben Franklin, and George Washington 1) Lobster and steak combo IÐ Tavern fried chicken |Served as a warm resting place for travelers by stagecoach or train Established four years before Minnesota became a state. Illustrious individuals such as presidents Ulysses S. Grant and Dwight D. Eisenhower and Roy Rogers have graced the guest | list. Established by a Swiss immigrant named Felix Weidmann, it's known for the tradition of setting each table with a peanut butter crock and an assortment of crackers. |Owned by the Missouri Division of State Parks, which is a testament to the valuable historical legacy of this frontier tavern Butte, Montana Columbus, Nebraska Winnemucca, Nevada Hancock, New Hampshire Cranbury, New Jersey 1911 1876 1898 1789 1780 O NOODLE HANCOCK INN MUSIC I TAMERN " PEKIN NOODLE PARLOR FOX TAVERN AT THE HANCOCK GLUR'S TAVERN THE MARTIN HOTEL CRANBURY INN O Chinese Burgers, sandwiches O Basque W American D Chop suey | Established by Chinese immigrant Hum Yow to serve mining boom laborers, it is also the oldest Chinese restaurant in America. D Roasted pork loin | Albert Einstein, Brooke Shields, and the entire city council of Moscow have graced the guest list. It may have also been a stop along the Underground Railroad. ) Burgers American, seafood (Đ Slow-cooked grits with mussels Pasta conchiglie de la Polo |Rumored to be a regular haunt for Buffalo Bill; listed on the National Register of Historic Places Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, it was a beloved gathering place for ranchers, townsfolk, and travelers who came by the adjacent Southern Pacific Railroad. |Originally established to offer accommodations to travelers who were working the lively rum trade Santa Fe, New Mexico • Tappan, New York Chapel Hill, North Carolina Bismarck, North Dakota Lebanon, Ohio 1835 1668 1922 O 1933 1803 CAROLINA COFFEE SHOP PEACOCK ALLEY AMERICAN GRILL AND BAR EL FAROL THE '76 HOUSE THE GOLDEN LAMB O Comfort food () Avocado toast Тарas American W American (1) Paella (ID Yankee pot roast American ) Sauerkraut balls (1) Steak dinner | The bar was once referred to as "one of the best bars on Earth!" by the New York Times. The walls are graced with murals by famous artists such as Alfred Morang. Now a national landmark, it served as a meeting place for patriots during the Revolutionary War. It served as a "prison" for the notorious British spy John André. |Offers wholesome meals during the day and transforms into a lively bar at night Rumored to have served alcohol illegally during Prohibition. Presidents Teddy Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy are among the guests to have enjoyed the bar |and grill. |New Jersey native Jonas Seaman spent just $4 on a license to operate the "house of public entertainment." Twelve U.S. presidents have dined here, including John Quincy Adams. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Portland, Oregon Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Newport, Rhode Island Charleston, South Carolina 1910 1879 1860 1673 1932 STEAKHOUSE ULA asi WHITE HORSE TAVERN CATTLEMEN'S STEAKHOUSE MCGILLIN'S OLDE ALE HOUSE HUBER'S CAFE HENRY'S HOUSE O Seafood D Lobster Seafood ) She-crab soup American O Steakhouse O Comfort food D Iced Spanish coffee with Kahlua (1) Grilled Reuben Oldest tavern in the country; hosted British soldiers, founding fathers, and pirates alike throughout its history |Lively establishment that offers dining, a whiskey lounge, a rooftop deck, and a nightclub (I) Steak Known as the largest consumer |Opened by an infamous bootlegger named Hank Frey, who is said to have lost the establishment in a dice game during the 1940s |Opened by Irish immigrants Catherine and William McGillin. The walls are decorated with signs from local stores that have come and gone throughout |history. of Kahlua among independent U.S. restaurants Deadwood, South Dakota Nashville, Tennessee Austin, Texas Logan, Utah Manchester, Vermont 1902 1907 1866 1914 1790 VARALIO'S LEGENDS STEAKHOUSE VARALLO'S CHILI PARLOR SCHOLZ GARTEN THE BLUEBIRD RESTAURANT YE OLD TAVERN Steakhouse Italian German, Texan W American ) Lobster bisque TÐ Giant pretzel | Founded by German immigrant August Scholz, it is now known as one of America's most beloved beer gardens. 1) Prime rib Comfort food D Chili over spaghetti and tamales |Established by Italian immigrant Frank Varallo, it is one of the few remaining chili parlors in America. Ð Roast beef sandwich |A former candy shop and soda fountain, this multi-floored restaurant offers a banquet hall upstairs that held frequent dances, |Colonial-era tavern that served Green Mountain Boys, politicians, and travelers since before Vermont was established as a state Hosted luminaries such as Teddy Roosevelt, Babe Ruth, Kevin Costner, and John Wayne Middleburg, Virginia Bellingham, Washington Parkersburg, West Virginia Nashotah, Wisconsin Hartville, Wyoming 1728 1886 1899 O 1848 O 1862 THE HORSESHOE CAFE THE RED FOX INN & TAVERN MINERS AND STOCKMEN'S STEAKHOUSE AND SPIRITS NORTH END TAVERN RED CIRCLE INN W American O German-American German-American Атerican D Churro waffles (Ð NET burger IÐ Steak W Steakhouse () Steak Ð Virginia peanut soup | For many years the oldest 24-hour restaurant in the country, it was a beloved choice for miners and storekeepers during the Fraser Canyon Gold Rush, |Rumored to have been established by former professional wrestler Bradford "Zip" Thorn after an injury left him with a peg leg |Named after the original Pabst Blue Ribbon logo Rumored to have been visited by George Washington during his surveying days. John F. Kennedy and his wife often stayed here during foxhunting Itrips. |Originally served local laborers. Just more than 60 people live in the town of Hartville, yet many more travel here for the USDA prime steaks. Sources: HOWW COOK. .RECIPES CAFE

The Oldest Restaurant in Every U.S. State

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Food, drink, and merriment are deeply interwoven throughout America’s history. This infographic explores the oldest restaurants in every state, offering fascinating glimpses into the rich stories of...


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