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Nut Hall of Fame

LARGEST Brazil nut in Size Cashew nut ER AINBOOSTER #1 SELENIUM SEED GRiten Ghiten FREE FREE FAT DIETARY FIBER Vitamin Delicious HIGH Almond WITAMIN OMEGA 3 Chestnut Hazelnut Monounsaturated LEGUME OMEGA 3 #1 THIAMIN RESERVATROL PROTEIN ENERGY Polyunsaturated #1 ANTIOXIPANT OMEGA ZERTARYSIN OMEGA 3 Macadamia Peanut Pecan Pistachio Walnut Nut Hall of Fame Awards for the exceptional contributeions of nuts (seeds & legumes, too) to the health of those that eat them. AWARDS EXPLAINED 30g serve of hazelnuts provides more than 10%. IETARY FIBER of the recommended dietary intake of fibre. an excellent source of thiamin - important for the production of energy from food THIAMIN a key brain boosting superfood highest content of a great gluten free FREE alternative to wheat flour for those with Coeliac disease Ghiten healthy Monounsaturated monounsaturated fat ERAINBOOSTER (81% of total fat). #31 Vitamin excellent source of natural vitaminE good source of Vitamin. E, which is known to protect the skin from. destructive oxidants 23 HIGH most calories in this group ENERGY WITAMIN highest content of largest among this group one of the few plant foods which contain the plant omega 3 alpha linolenic acid (ALA) in Size healthy Polyunsaturated polyunsaturated fat. OM OMEGA 3 (76% of total fat) an excellent source of selenium LEGUME only legume in this group 23 SELENIUM greatest source of protein in this group PROTEIN only seed in this group scientists suggests that responsible for the cardiovascular benefits ANTIPAEi of red wine Rich in antioxidants and Phytochemicals for protection against chronic disease. SEEO #1 RESERVATROL contain less than 1g of total fat per 100g These antioxidants have been shown to reduce the risk of agerelated macular degeneration (AMD) FAT Delicious YUMMY!! SOURCES Nut Fact Sheets from Best Nuts for Health from brought to you by GOURMANDIA

Nut Hall of Fame

shared by brownbobby794 on Nov 08
Nuts should be a part of your daily diet because they contain a wide range of nutrients. Many weight watchers shy away from nuts because of their supposed high fat content. Eating these healthy food h...


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