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New Year's Bubbly

New Year's Bubbly Go Figure! Increasing demand for sparkling wine and rising grape prices are expected to send Champagne prices soaring within the next year. Credit: Top 10 States for Consumption of Sparkling Wine/ Champagne (2009, 9-liter cases) Table Wine and Champagne Sales in the United States (9-liter cases) In millions 300 285.2 Table Wine 250 1. California 2,928,370 200 165.7 2. Illinois 1,494,450 3. New York 1,322,590 150 4. Florida 1,012,280 5. Texas 827,520 100 6. Michigan 7. New Jersey 685,470 549,630 50 13.9 Champagne/Sparkling Wine 15.4 8. Massachusetts 406,420 9. Pennsylvania 406,190 1991 1995 2000 2005 2010 10. Ohio 333,660 Champagne Facts • Champagne The most famous of the sparkling wines comes exclusively from the Champagne region of France. • Grapes Champagne and other sparkling wines are typically derived from a blend of grapes, such as Chardon- nay, Pinot Noir or Pinot Meunier. • Cool temperature Champagne is best enjoyed at a 43-to-48 degrees Fahrenheit or 7 degrees Celsius. Champagne • Types of Champagne glass • Carbonation The bubbles of sparkling wines are formed during a second fermenta- tion process in which winemakers take still wine and add a few grams of sugar and yeast, which convert to carbon dioxide (bubbles) and alcohol. Coupe: Designed to allow the greatest Paris surface area for the release of bubbles. Flute: Captures the FRANCE bubbles and ensures that they are released more evenly. SOURCES: WINEINSTITUTE.ORG, ABOUT.COM, EHOW.COM R. TORO / ©

New Year's Bubbly

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Increasing demand for sparkling wine and rising grape prices are expected to send champagne prices soaring within the next year.


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