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The New Restuarant Critic is You

POWER TO THE PEOPLE THE NEW RESTAURANT CRITIC IS YOU "Worst place I have ever eaten.." - @foodie04 Food critics were Restaurants date back to Roman times. Modern restaurants originated in 18th century France. huge in the 20th century. Today, consumers drive public opinions of restaurants in real time. De olde best place thou shalt eat ADVERTISING / MARKETING People no longer trust traditional advertising 90% OF CONSUMERS TRUST PEER REVIEWS 70% OF CONSUMERS TRUST ONLINE REVIEWS source: Zagat 2012 NYC Restaurant Survey "Didst thou taste yon mutton leg? Thou shouldst!" RESTAURANTS GROW Restaurant chains began in the early 1900s but only over the last 30 years have we seen more franchises than mom-and-pops. ONLINE MENUS & ONLINE ORDERING OVER LAST FIVE YEARS: - LeVictorian man ммм М М Vs Same-old-same-old Mom-and-pop restaurants ONLINE ORDERS Restaurants average $1,500 to $7,500 of online orders per month. 89% of consumers use the Internet to check out menus and research information about a restaurant before dining there. - AIS Media FOOD HEALTH INSPECTIONS Restaurants went from being inspected every CONCERNS GROW NEW YORK BOARD OF HEALTH WAS SET UP IN 1805 TO COMBAT YELLOW FEVER. THE HEALTH DEPARTMENT NOW INSPECTS 24,000 RESTAURANTS AT LEAST ONCE A YEAR. in some states, once every (2 90 to every RESTAURANTS WITH "A" GRADES RECEIVED ABOUT 81% OF CONSUMERS FAVOR ABC f 6% REVENUE INCREASE POSTING HEALTH LETTER GRADES DAYS MONTHS YEARS WHEN GOOD RESTAURANTS GO BAD iclosED was hit with the largest hepatitis A outbreak in U.S. history, with at least four deaths and 660 other victims of illness. 100 - 85 84 - 70 69 - 60 BELOW 60 No issues requiring a follow-up visit Require a follow-up inspection within 60 DAYS Require a follow-up inspection within 48 HOURS CLOSED FOOD SAFETY IN THE U.S. The US food system has been criticized as lacking in "organization, regulatory tools, and resources to address foodborne illness." IMMEDIATELY CONSUMER INVOLVEMENT GROWS 25% of U.S. government inspectors and scientists surveyed were forced to withdraw or to modify agency policy or action that protects consumers. HEALTH INSPECTIONS HAVE ONLINE REVIEWS Review websites, and "foodie" blogs are becoming the modern food critics. INCREASED OVER YEARS THIS IS MOSTLY DUE TO EASE OF COMMUNICATION VIA INTERNET. ANNUALLY, 48 MILLION AMERICANS GET SICK FROM FOODBORNE ILLNESS Federal law does not require expiration dates Except for infant formula and baby foods 128,000 3,000 With Social Media, word PLANS FOR THE FUTURE ARE HOŚPITALIZED DIE gets around quickly. A food critic or guide for a paper or magazine is highly regarded in society. FSMA The most harmful pathogens are EE Nontyphoidal Salmonella, Toxoplasma, Listeria, and norovirus. The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), the most sweeping reform of our food safety laws in more than 70 years, was signed into law by President Obama on January 4, 2011. It YOU'RE ALSO THE HEALTH INSPECTOR You en't putting the letter in the window, but if you say a aims to ensure the U.S. food supply is safe by shifting the focus from responding to contamination to preventing it. place is clean or unclean you define the restaurant's clout. US. COMPANIES MAY FOLLOW AUSTRALIAN FOOD AUTHORITY A popular review site, has faced a lot of criticism from yelp business owners for refusing to censor customer reviews, Registered Training Organizations offer food safety training packages to put a stop to foodborne illness incidence. but has agreed to remove any suspicious content with filters. In Australia, those who serve unsafe food to consumers are heavily fined. foursquare In 2011, Foursquare reached 10 million users and 3 million check-ins a day. Restaurants offer deals through social media to those who check-in at their REPING LEEN IS YOUR RESTAURANT LISTENING BE PART OF THE KLEEN REVOLUTION IS POWERFUL location on certain days. Produced by FOR SOURCES VISIT OUR WEBSITE: KEEPINGITKLEEN.COM

The New Restuarant Critic is You

shared by NowSourcing on Mar 13
A look at how restaurant safety, inspections, and reviews have evolved over the years. We see that their is a deep-rooted issue surrounding the food industry in general, and it’s time we stood up an...


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