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Need an Energy Boost?

NEED A PICK ME UP? YOU KNOW WHAT 3 O'CLOCK FEELS LIKE. WHERE DO YOU TURN FOR AN ENERGY BOOST? The average American consumes 300 mg of caffeine on any THAT'S JUST OR given work day. 4 33 cans of cups of Hershey cups of coffee Red Bull tea Chocolate Bars 49% Americans drink coffee. THAT'S 150 MILLION! Caffeine by the Ounce Symptoms of Caffeine Withdrawals A 5 hour Energy 69mg • Headaches • Sleepiness • Irritability • Lethargy • Constipation • Muscle Pain/Stiffness • Lack of Concentration • Flu-Like Symptoms I Espresso Shot 51mg Drip Coffee 18mg A Hershey Dark Chocolate Bar 12mg • Insomnia Redbull 10mg A Brewed Tea 5mg In a study of caffeine withdrawals, 8-11% of people who are caffeine dependent* showed signs of depression. * Consumed at least 260 mg of caffeine/day Over 200 million gallons of energy drinks are consumed in America per year THAT'S ENOUGH CANS TO REACH THE MOON AND THEN SOME! Red Bull sells about 3 billion cans Red Bull owns 42% of the U.S. worldwide each year. Enough energy drink market share. aluminum to build 670,000 Civics PSA Excess consumption of caffeine can reduce Cortisol levels in your body, thus reducing your desire and strength to have sex. Alternatives Vitamin B12 Ginseng Yerba Mate в12 B12 is known for its mental Ginseng has been used to Yerba mate has a similar clarity, energy enhancing reduce depression and stress. It chemical compound as to properties and facilitation in also can be found as an ingredi- caffeine in coffee but with ent in many energy drinks. There are some studies that generating melatonin, a fewer negative side effects. hormone that helps regulate People who drink it report less healthy sleep. show that ginseng helps people anxiety and insomnia. feel more awake and alert. Ginkgo Biloba Herbal Coffee Works as a substitute for Herbal coffee is a caffeine free caffeine because it increases alternative to normal coffee primarily made from grains, chicory, figs and beetroot. blood flow to the brain and the extremities. Increased blood flow can resemble the affects Though herbal coffee doesn't of exercise on the body, give the energy boost as causing an individual to feel regular coffee, the taste is like more awake and energized. coffee and will help you kick the caffeine habit. Exercise Sleep Exercise among inactive people could 15-20 minute naps can give you a increase energy levels by 20% and burst of alertness and help your motor decrease fatigue by 65%! It also can learning skills. BUT anything over 30 make you happier! minutes will make you groggy. Apples Water Apples are one of the more energizing Dehydration can make you tired and fruits because of the high fructose sluggish, a simple glass of water can content. Fructose increases blood- help you reenergize. sugar and encourages alertness. EXPERTS EXCHANGE http://en.wikipedia.o VRed Bull rg/wiki/Four_%28energy_drink%29 ures/exercise-for-energy-workouts-that-work

Need an Energy Boost?

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It has been a long day and you need an extra boost of caffeine, but is it the right choice? Check out some interesting stats of caffeine, caffeine content in specific products and different alternati...


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