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National Hamburger Day

× NATIONAL× HAMBURGER DAY THURSDAY MAY 28, 2015 THE HAMBURGER got its name from the port town Hamburg, Germany. FLETCHER "OLD DAVE" DAVIS The Hamburg steak is a beef filet minced by hand, usually served raw with onions and breadcrumbs. Believed to be one of the fathers of the hamburger. He claimed to have the idea of putting ground beef between two pieces of Texas Toast when one of his customers was in a hurry. He made this a regular staple item in 1880 in Athens, Texas. 1921 White The first White Castle Castle opened. It's 15 CENTS the oldest burger The cost of a chain in America. hamburger in 1948, when McDonald's was founded. BURGERS MEAN BUSINESS STACKIN' UP The Economist's Big Mac Index has become a tool to measure global exchange rates. Here's a sample of Big Mac prices from around the world. $1.20 $2.77 $3.35 $4.79 UNITED STATES SWITZERLAND $7.54 UKRAINE CHINA MEXICO U.S. MARKET SHARE MCDONALD'S LEADS THE WAY 34.3% OTHER 28.15% BURGER PING THERE ARE MCDONALD'S REVENUE MORE THAN IN 2014 WAS SONIC 8.25% 36,000 $6.57 BILLION 15.4% Wendy's MCDONALD'S THAT'S APPROXIMATELY 13.9% 1.3 BILLION BIG MACS! RESTAURANTS WORLDWIDE FUN HAMBURGER DAY FACTS On average, Americans eat about 3 hamburgers per week, for a nearly 50 BILLION burgers per year. national total Takeru Kobayashi set the WORLD RECORD for most hamburgers eaten in three minutes. He ate 12. The world's largest hamburger weighed 2,014 POUNDS and was prepared by Black Bear Casino Resort on September 2, 2012. TOPPINGS INCLUDED 52.5 POUNDS of tomatoes BEEP! BEEP! 50 POUNDS of lettuce 60 POUNDS of onions A 19 POUNDS of pickles 40 POUNDS of American cheese A 16.5 POUNDS of bacon It's heavier than a 2015 Smart Car! With 6,104 BURGER RESTAURANTS, California is the state with the most. Hold on to your buns! These are some of THE MOST EXPENSIVE BURGERS around: LE BURGER JUICYS OUTLAW GRILL EXTRAVAGANT THE GLAMBURGER 777-POUND BURGER $295 $1,768 $5,000 Serendipity 3, New York City Honky Tonk Restaurant, London Juicys Food and Ovations Concessions Trailer With 9,982 CALORIES, the Quadruple Bypass Burger made by the Heart Attack Grill is the world's most "calorific" burger. Ketchup is America's FAVORITE HAMBURGER CONDIMENT. EAT UP! SOURCES • Your Place to Save Every Day 女 ☆ 白

National Hamburger Day

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It doesn’t get more American than a hamburger, and when better to celebrate it than on National Hamburger Day on May 28, 2015. For more information about the hamburger, check out the inf...



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