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The Most Unique Burgers in America

Is there any food more American than the hamburger? With millions sold every year, it's no surprise that some chefs have come up with more than just the standard patty/cheese/mustard/ketchup combos. From burgers topped with lobster to patties covered with peanut butter and jelly, nearly every city boasts its own unique take on this backyard barbecue staple. Here are some of the country's latest and greatest. BURGERTOWN AMERICA'S USA: MOST UNIQUE BURGERS Sun Francisco THE CABLE GROUND BEEF STEAK AT JOE'S CABLE CAR Chicago THE FAT ELUIS BURGER AT LOCKDOWN BAR & GRILL Boston THEMED BURGERS AT MR. BARTLEY'S Steak is ground fresh on-site! Toppings are standard lettuce, tomatoes, onions and pickles, but the burger is a favorite for its low fat content: 6-8%. The Fat Elvis Burger mixes sandwich with burger: an Angus beef patty with bacon, peanut butter and banana. It's a hunka, hunka burger heaven. Top your fresh patty with almost anything! Ordering is fun, since all burgers here are named for local celebrities: the "Scott Brown" has bacon, cheese, onions and jalapeños. Photo: cherrylet on Flickr's Creative Commons Photo: BrownGuacamole / Foter/CC BY-ND Photo: Tyson Joseph on Flickr's Creative Commons Fun Fact: Elvis' real favorite burger was a simple patty seasoned with onion, garlic salt, black pepper and oregano, served on a bun with American cheese. New York City SCHNITZ BURGER AT SCHNITZEL & THINGS Anaheim PEANUT BUTTER & JELLOUSY AT SLATER'S 50/50 "PB&J" revisited! The patty is covered with bacon and topped with creamy peanut butter and strawberry jelly for an ideal salty/sweet combo. Based on Austrian schnitzel, the Schnitz Burger is a 1/3-pound, panko-crusted Angus beef patty deep-fried and served on ciabatta bread." Photo: helloimwes on Flickr's Creative Commons Photo: B"2/Foter / CC BY-ND Fun Fact: American chidcken fried steak is based on schnitzel but is much bigger and thicker. San Diego ANTELOPE, BUFFALO & KANGARO0 BURGERS AT CRAZEE BURGER THE PICNIC BURGER AT DISNEY WORLD'S SCI-FI DINE-IN THEATER Orlando Crazee Burger has plenty of "regular" burgers... but that's not the real attraction! You'll also find ostrich, alligator and wild boar. This flame-grilled burger is topped with a sliced hotdog, sauerkraut, sautéed onions, mustard, ketchup and a dill pickle spear. I Photo: George Ruiz on Flickr's Creative Commons PHEW! Photo: Fun Fact: Most of Australia's kangaroo meat is exported – nearly 70% to Germany and France. Fun Fact: The average American eats 60 hot dogs a year. goes Las Vegas $777 HOBE BEEF AND MAINE LOBSTER BURGER AT LE BURGER BRASSERIE Miami FRITA CUBANA AT EL MAGO New Orleans HAMBURGER PO' BOYS CEVERYWHERE) A mix of ground beef, chorizo and shredded potatoes grilled with a secret sauce and topped with cheese for a spicy-sweet favorite. A Kobe beef patty topped with a Maine lobster tail, caramelized onions, crispy prosciutto, Brie and special aged balsamic vinegar, served with a $700 bottle of Dom Perignon champagne. What makes a po' boy a po' boy is the bread: French baguettes. For true New Orleans flavor, get your po' boy burger topped with fried oysters or crawfish. Photo: 569 470653-2207520000.1374274396.&type=3&1theater Photo: Mark H. Anbinder on Flickr's Creative Commons Fun Fact: In 2010, President Obama stopped by El Mago to order six Frita Cubanas to go. Fun Fact: The largest Maine lobster ever caught weighed 27 pounds and was 40 inches long. The daws could break a man's arm. book hatels, B&Bs and apartments ...........

The Most Unique Burgers in America

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Burgers are one of the mostly favoured food items across the people of all age and places. The most unique burgers all over America are a huge hit for people who wants to enjoy good food in small or l...





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