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The Most Popular Breads in the U.S.

MOST POPULAR BREADS IN THE U.S. Banana Bread In the 1960s, bananas were Popularity Score* 0.95 nearly wiped out by a fungus called 'Panama Disease." Global Search Volume This led to the rise of the disease 798,000 Articles About Topic 34,934 resistance-variety we eat today, Cavendish bananas. 4 KETO Zucchini Bread Pumpkin Bread Keto Bread Popularity Score 2.85 Popularity Score 3.1 Popularity Score 2.75 Global Search Volume 91,000 Articles About Topic 9,569 Global Search Volume Global Search Volume 167,000 Articles About Topic 132,000 Articles About Topic 4,973 6,728 Keto Bread Less than 4 net grams of carbs Pumpkins have been grown in North America for over A single zucchini is called a 'zucchina. White Bread five thousand years and are indigenous to the 14 grams of carbs Western Hemisphere. French Bread 79 grams of carbs BANK 6 7 Sourdough Bread French Bread Pita Bread Popularity Score 4.25 Popularity Score 5 Popularity Score 3.4 Global Search Volume Global Search Volume Global Search Volume 117,000 Articles About Topic 7,819 51,000 Articles About Topic 79,000 Articles About Topic 3,227 6,303 To be considered 'French" The pocket of pita comes Egypt was one the first civilizations to bread in France, your bread may only contain 4 from steam, which lifts make sourdough the dough up during the ingredients - flour, yeast, bread around 1500BC. baking process. salt, and water. BANK 9 10 Naan Bread Ezekiel Bread Irish Soda Bread Popularity Score 5.4 Popularity Score 5.8 Popularity Score 6.3 Global Search Volume 120,000 Articles About Topic Global Search Volume Global Search Volume 96,000 Articles About Topic 1,642 61,000 Articles About Topic 3,166 761 In 2009, Indian Ocean This recipe was born from the Bible verse Ezekiel 4:9. It You may think of soda pop Restaurant (UK) served when hear its name, but Irish soda bread gets its name from baking soda, which is used in reads: "T'ake wheat and up 640 loaves of naan in under one hour, a barley, beans and lentils, millet and spelt; put them in a Guinness World Record. storage jar and use them to make bread for yourself." place of yeast. *Popularity score is calculated by a weighted ranking of global search volume, recipe search volume, number of search results, number of articles, and Food Kitchen reviews for each bread type. GLOBAL INTEREST IN BREAD French Bread Irish Soda Bread 3.56% 2.98% Pita Bread 4.61% Pиmpkin Bread 5.32% Naan Bread 5.61% Banana Bread 46.61% Sourdough Bread 6.83% Ezekiel Bread 7.01% (KETO Keto Bread 7.71% Zucchini Bread 9.76% WHERE THE BREADS ORIGINATED Banana Bread United States Keto Bread United States, Minnesota Zucchini Bread United States Pumpkin Bread Oaxaca, Mexico and Southern U.S. Irish Soda Bread Ireland Pita Bread French Bread Fertile Crescent, Middle East France Ezekiel Bread Naan Bread Israel Ancient Persia Sourdough Bread Egypt Data from -ACE CASH EXPRES

The Most Popular Breads in the U.S.

shared by tanner6 on Oct 27
As we all have been spending extra time at home, we’ve seen some unique trends surface, including DIY haircuts and seemingly everyone on social media becoming bakers- more specifically, bread expert...


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