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Most Loved Restaurant Brands

TOP RESTAURANTS WITH Brand Love 2012 Q1-Q2 Measuring brand love is a sophisticated romance between art and science, and while the technology involved has a lot of moving parts, the premise boils down to one simple fact: people describe how they feel about this or that, including brands, and these descriptions can be coded, aggregated, and analyzed to measure sentiment. Hopelessly Devoted to You BEST LOVED BRANDS #1 #2 #3 # 4 #5 Ored mango Peets Coffee & Tea. BONEFISH G RULL" BUFFALO WILD WINGS * GRILL & BAR STARBUCKS RED MANGO PEETS BONEFISH GRILL BUFFALO WILD WINGS RSMI CONSUMER SENTIMENT SCORE: 71.8 RSMI CONSUMER SENTIMENTSCORE: 69.8 RSMI CONSUMER SENTIMENTSCORE: 62.7 RSMI CONSUMER SENTIMENT SCORE: 60.9 RSMI CONSUMER SENTIMENT SCORE: 60.4 #6 #8 #9 #10 #7 BOUDI Hard Rock WEnDy's noodles Chich-bil-A 1849 SOU URDOU CAFE Ecompany HAMBURGEERS. BOUDIN SOURDOUGH BAKERY & CAFE HARD ROCK CAFE WENDYS NOODLES COMPANY CHICK FIL A RSMI CONSUMER SENTIMENT SCORE: 60.3 RSMI CONSUMER SENTIMENT SCORE: 60.1 RSMI CONSUMER SENTIMENT SCORE: 58.9 RSMI CONSUMER SENTIMENT SCORE: 58.8 RSMI CONSUMER SENTIMENT SCORE: 58.2 In this, Consumer Sentiment tracked food, service and overall brand experience. Three Times a Lady LEADING AGE DEMOGRAPHICS 23% AGE 35-49 FEMALE AGE 18-34 AGE 18-34 29% 21% FEMALE MALE Baby 9 Love Your Way WHAT THEY LOVE Female super influencer diners love good service and a great brand experience. Male diners love good food and good service. FEMALE MALE FEMALE MALE 29% 21% 23% 12% AGE 18-34 AGE 18-34 AGE 35-49 AGE 35-49 LOVES LOVES LOVES LOVES GOOD GOOD THE BRAND GOOD SERVICE FOOD XPERIENCE SERVICE Onbreak y Heart TOP COMPLAINTS BY SOCIAL CONSUMERS Influential diners hate slow or bad service, followed by poor quality food, and a lack of menu customization. #1 # 2 #3 # 4 #5 SLOW SERVICE FOOD WAS WRONG SERVICE QUALITY FOOD QUALITY REFUSAL TO CUSTOMIZE MENU Food GloriusFood TOP LOVES BY SOCIAL CONSUMERS Influential diners love good quality, fresh food from a known source, and good quality staff and service. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 FOOD QUALITY FOOD SOURCE FOOD FRESHNESS SERVICE QUALITY STAFF QUALITY Happy Togather MOST LOVED RESTAURNATS BY FOOD & SERVICE QUALITY Five restaurant brands ace the food and service quality needs of influential diners. #1 #2 # 4 BONEFISH #3 BOUDIN #5 Paneta Ored mango┬░ Peets Coffee & Tea. GRULL RDOUG RED MANGO BONEFISH GRILL BOUDIN SOURDOUGH PEETS PANERA BREAD BAKERY & CAFE Ohere is the Love? TOP DINING CITIES FOR INFLUENCERS The Golden Gate City is the most popular burg for influential diners, followed by The Capital City, The Big D, Hotlanta, and Sin City. # 2 WASHINGTON D.C. #3 #5 LAS VEGAS, NV #4 SAN DALLAS, TX ATLANTA, GA FRANCISCO You're the One 9 Want TOP RESTAURANT CATEGORIES As noted earlier, one in ten diners say that they are eating more often at fast casual restaurants, so it's not surprising that this is the most loved restaurant category in Q1. Coffee and snack eateries come in at number two, followed by Fine Dining, Casual Dining, and Quick Service Restaurant establishments. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 FAST CASUAL COFFEE/ SNACK FINE CASUAL DINING QUICK SERVICE RESTAURANTS DINING RESTAURANT SOCIAL MEDIA Data set of 11.2 Million Social Consumers in the Restaurant Social Media Index by DigitalCoCo. RSMI INDEX Research and data provided by DigtialCoCo, LLC cC BY ND dreato Get more restaurant specific social consumer data from the largest consumer index of food away from home at 34.5 million U.S. only from DigitalCoCo, LLC Disclaimer: All logos and brand representation used in this info graphic are the respective marks of each brand and protected under copyright law. You @mydigitalcoco f Tube For more infographics visit

Most Loved Restaurant Brands

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Info graphic of the top loved restaurant brands based on social consumer sentiment on food, service and brand experience. Sourcing over 13,000 industry terms and 13.2 million food consumers from www....



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