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MEAT+POTATOES Whether your go-to meal is Meat and Potatoes or Comida Tipica,where you shop in the Avenue C, you'll see signs for "Loisaida" instead. Within this micro-neighborhood, there are neighborhood defines not only the variety of proteins and starches available to you, but no subway stops, but there are five grocery stores within a ten minute walk. A comparison how much you could pay for them. In Manhattan, below 14th Street, above Houston, east of meat and potato offerings reveals as much as any census data or demographics of these of Ist Avenue and headed towards the East River, you'll find yourself in Alphabet City. few blocks would. More telling than income and ethnicity stats, a simple shopping list If you're near Tompkins Square Park you'll hear it called the East Village; if you're on reveals the story of the varied culinary traditions of the neighborhood. GROCERY 3 C-TOWN MARKET 2 ASSOCIATED SUPERMARKET SHOPPING Price range of available steak cuts by Avenue ilb IN ALPHABET MEAT MEAT CHUCK STEAK CHUCK STEAR $369lb $599lb MEAT MEAT low Chuck Steak Sirloin Tip Steak Skirt Steak low $2491b FILET MIGNON CITY $20 CHUCK STEAK $249lb $18 99lb MEAT Chuck Steak Rib Steak Skirt Steak Flank Steak low low lah high lb 19 high $10991b high FINGERLING POTATOES 18 PORTERHOUSE SKIRT STEAK low Porterhouse Steak 17 high high POTATOES 16 low RUSSET POTATOES Russets Yucca Yams Red Bliss Näme Yautia Batata 26çlb POTATOES $1991b POTATOES RUSSET POTATOES $2897 $30 15 74Cib POTATOES 14th Street low high Jow 14 Russets Yucca Yams FILET MIGNON spending low high 13 933lb Th Street BATATAS 12 Năme Red Bliss KLONDIKE PETITES high in Alphabet City? 25. 11 Yautia White Potatoes Klondike Petites 12th Street CONTROL ITEMS Yucca 69elb Chicken $1.6glb Pork Shoulder 79clb CONTROL ITEMS lb PORK SHOULDER lb YUCCA 10 Yucca 49elb Chicken 99elb Pork Shoulder $1.29lb th Street high soth Street 25. 4 FINE FARE SUPERMARKET O KEY FOODS SOINS SQUARE PARK gth Street CHUCK STEAK $2791b $8991b MEAT $2800 MEAT MEAT $3 CHUCK STEAK ath Street $279lb MEAT low low low high Chuck Steak Chuck Steak low Sirloin Tip Steak Rib Steak Flank Steak Porterhouse 7th Street Sirloin Tip Steak Skirt Steak high $18991b RIB STEAK Rib Steak high +W[E> FILET MIGNON 6th Street Filet Mignon high POTATOES RUSSET POTATOES 16çlb POTATOES low RUSSET POTATOES Sth Street POTATOES 80çib POTATOES Russets Yucca Yams Năme low high 4th Street low Russets Yucca Yams low high $9 981b EAST RIVER $159lb ard Street Yautia Red Bliss BATATAS Red Bliss White Potatoes Yautia Klondike Petite PURPLE FINGERLINGS CONTROL ITEMS Malanga Coca White Potatoes 2nd Street Yucca 79elb Chicken $159lb Pork Shoulder 79elb CONTROL ITEMS Batata Baby Yukons Purple Fingerlings high Yucca 59elb Chicken $1.99lb Pork Shoulder $1.oglb RUSSET POTATOES high 12çlb POTATOES COMPARE FOODS MARKET low high $998lb CHUCK STEAK Where you can find offal, bones & cartilage MEAT $299lb MEAT 916 h high PURPLE FINGERLINGS low -Jow Chuck Steak Chicken Gizzard Chicken Gizzard Price for a 5lb bag of Sirloin Tip Steak Rib Steak $699ib Chicken Liver Chicken Gizzard Chicken Liver Chicken Liver Russet Potatoes by Avenue RIB STEAK Turkey Gizzard Turkey Necks Beef Trips Pig Ears Pigs Feet high Chicken Hearts Chicken Feet Turkey Necks Pork Neck $399 $369 $4 POTATOES Pig Feet Pigs Ears RUSSET POTATOES low Russets Yucca 12çib POTATOES Pigs Feet Cow Feet Veal Necks Pork Liver Pork Tails low high $3 $ 129 Chicken Liver Beef Liver Cows Feet Cows Feet 79¢ Pig Ears Pig Feet Năme Yams Yautia $2 Beef Liver Beef Tripe Beef Necks Beef Liver 59 916 BATATAS $1 KEY FOOD ASSOCIATED C-TOWN FINE FARE COMPARE FOODS Malanga Coca Batata CONTROL ITEMS Yucca 33elb Chicken $1.39lb Pork Shoulder 99clb +W[E> high +W|E- Area studied is approx 112 mile radius in Alphabet City, Manhattan Sources: First-hand research of cold cases, produce stands and sales circulars from included supermarkets Olanguage Dept. 2010 during the week of March Ist, 2010 |||||||||I AVENUE A AVENUE C AVENUE D AVENUE A AVENUE C AVENUE D AVENUE A AVENUE A AVENUE E AVENUE C AVENUE C AVENUE D AVENUE D


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Within the micro-neighborhood of Alphabet City, NYC there are no subway stops, but there are five grocery stores within a ten minute walk. A comparison of meat and potato offerings reveals as much as ...


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