McDonald’s Is More Than Just Big Macs

Extraordinary McDonald's Menu Items You May Not Know About McLobster: New England & Canada's lobster roll. Croque McDo: Europe's melted Emmental cheese & Ebi Filet-O: Japan's shrimp burger. Spam McGriddle: Hawaii's breakfast item with Spam, pineapple, & rice. ham on hamburger buns. McRice: Asia's steamed rice patties (replacing bread buns) with beef or chicken patty. Maharaja Mac: India's Big Mạc made with lamb or Hulaburger: Ray Kroc's 1963 burger invention featuring a pineapple instead of meat. chicken meat. -McAfrica: A failed 2002 politically controversial pita bread sandwich with beef & veggies. McLean Deluxe: A failed 1991 91% fat free burger.- McHotdog: Asia's Mega- Breakfast Sausage. +Cheese Katsu: Asia's fried pork sandwich stuffed with Lcheese. McAloo Tikki Burger: India's vegetable burger made out of potatoes, peas, & spices: McSpaghetti: Indonesia & the Phillipines' dinner meal. McPizza: A failed late 1980's calzone-style item similar to the apple pie. Chicken Big Mac: A discontinued Big Mac with breaded chicken patties. McTurco: Turkey's fried pita with 2 burger patties, cayenne pepper sauce, & vegetables. Bacon Roll: England's bacon & ketchup hard roll sandwich. Triple Double Burger: Named after local sports star names made with 3 beef patties & 2 slices of cheese. Kiwiburger: New Zealand's beef patty with cooked beetroot, egg, tomato, lettuce, cheese, onion & mustard. Mighty Wings: St. Croix's fried spicy chicken wings. My Poutine: Canada's french fries Green Tea McFlurry: South Korea's McFlurry. Kiwi sundae: Gallo Pinto: Costa Rica's Beer: Germany's culture shock Malaysia's topped with cheese curds & gravy. rice & beans. ice cream beverage. sundae. МЕЗICAL Sources: Trifter | Purple Slinky | Food Network | How Stuff Works | McDonald's Information provided by

McDonald’s Is More Than Just Big Macs

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Check out this infographic to discover the wide range of foods McDonald’s sold/sells at different international locales, such as McSpaghetti, Spam McGriddle and Ray Kroc’s pineapple packin’ Hulaburger.


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