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Mango map of India

fhe आम Country आ मं m ā ńg ai m an k ay m ān ń a Hi, I am आम आदमी m ang a మే వ5 LD T ы మ Also the national tree National fruit of India, Pakistan and Philippines. of Bangladesh. MORE FRESH MANGOES ARE EATEN EVERY DAY THAN ANY OTHER FRUIT IN THE WORLD The important commercial varieties of Mango Punjab Chausa Himachal Pradesh Haryana Dashehari Chausa Dashehari Chausa Malda Dashehari Langra Langra Fazli Uttar Pradesh Rajasthan Bombay Green Bombay Green Chausa Bihar Dashehari Chausa Bombay Green Chausa Dashehari Fazli Dashehari Langra Langra Gulabkhas Kishen Bhog Himsagar Zardalu Gujarat Kesar Alphonso Rajapuri Jamadar Totapuri Neelum Dashehari Langra Langra West Bengal Maharashtra Fazli Gulabkhas Alphonso Kesar Madhya Pradesh Alphonso Himsagar Kishenbhog Langra Bombay Green Pairi Bombay Green Dashehari Karnataka Fazli Langra Neelum Alphonso Totapuri Banganapalli Pairi Tamil Nadu Neelum Andhra Pradesh Alphonso Totapuri Banganapalli Neelum Banganapalli Suvarnarekha Mulgoa Neelum Totapuri The mango flower is one of the five chosen flowers that 70 go into making the arrows of Kamdev, the God of Love in the Hindu pantheon. Calories Mangoes are quite low in calories ! About 70 calories per average-sized mango - yet high in fiber. Many islanders eat a mango a day and rarely experience irregularity. The fruit is also high in anti-oxidants, Vitamins C, A, and potassium. Mangò Producing States of India (Production in 000 M) West Bengal 597 578 Odisha Kerala 577.5 373.2 Jharkhand 254.3 Chhattisgarh 191.8 Madhya Pradesh 127.8 120.8 Uttarakhand 93.5 Punjab 93 Rajasthan 64.6 Haryana 46.5 24 Assam 13.2 Himachal Pradesh Tripura A mango tree can get as tall as 100 feet Mango varieties can range in size from about 6 ounces to 5 pounds Top 10 Mango Producing Countries Share in Global Production (%) Philippines Nigeria Brazil 2.5% China India Pakistan Mexico Egypt 51% Others 11.9% Sanskrit poets believed that eating mango buds would make their voices ring eeter The spice amchoor is made from dried, ground unripe mangoes. One teaspoon of Amchur (amchoor) has the equivalent acidity as 3 Tablespoons of lemon juice. YAHOO!, LIFESTYLE Sources hitp en Rwww.apeda gov.iniapedewsbaiteSubteat Products Mango.hte tp states htmi to www.macsufworid comiworid-topo-tenimang-producing-counines.htm htp, betpwww prufessorshoute.comiFand-lisverage/TopicaFrut/Arsicies/Mangos ntpwww.amatgamfoods.comiamalgam_products.photcateporyd7subeategoryid166companpid hpuww.bbtactorylleomponentaicom virtuemartahop imagelproduct/Bataa mango sv 4b40r0134at.jog np www jabonatumshop sonmediarcatalogproducticache/tmage/12001200trseab33525aeatetibeaz713es5malmantea htp:ieons.ioonarchive.comeons artbens/paradise-truits/s12/Mango-scon png http://www. nudraksna-ratna comilmagestord-kamdey.ipg. hpwww.vaimikien inimagelvaimait1 of. Wikipedia, htte www mea goy inieystart aha dtesoos2attanalishmay teitestmano adt h 856.7 Gujarat 636.3 Tamil Nadu Karnataka Maharashtra Andhra Pradesh 3580 Uttar Pradesh 12.5 D &N Haveli Jammu & Kashmir Goa Pondicherry Andaman Nicobar Chandigarh Nagaland

Mango map of India

shared by SunnySide on Jun 04
Thematic map depicting cultural importance of mangoes in India




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