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Malbec 101

MALBEC IOI MALBEC IS A SHINING STAR IN TODAY'S WINE WORLD. BUT WHAT IS IT THAT SETS THIS RED GRAPE APART FROM THE REST? HISTORY In 1852, a French agronomist brought the Malbec grape to Argentina where it ARGENTINE WINE COUNTRY flourished in the hot, arid climate at the base of the Andes Mountains in South America. Today, Argentina grows the most Malbec grapes in the world with more than ABOUT ALAMOS 136,000 acres of vines Alamos wines are produced at a state of the art facility in Vista Flores, Mendoza. The Alamos Malbec grapes are grown at thriving throughout the country. elevations of 3,000 to 5,000 ft These vines grow along the Andes mountain range in the high altitude of the where intense sunlight and cool evening temperatures translate to rich wines with bold, dark fruit flavors. Mendoza Vintner Felipe Stahlschmidt and the winemakers at Alamos produce region. top-quality bottles of Malbec. WINEMAKING 9-15 6-9 days months The grapes are handpicked and only the best of the bunch are selected for winemaking. After harvest, the grapes are crushed and the juices are stored and set aside for 9-15 days to allow the sugar Then, the wines are aged for 6-9 months in a mixture of French and American oak. content to turn into alcohol. This process is known as fermentation. "The higher elevation of our vineyards provides the ideal climate and sun exposure to yield grapes with rich, layered aromas and flavors." - Alamos Winemaker Felipe Stahlschmidt INCREDIBLE RESULTS ALAMOS ALAM So, what's in the glass? ALAN MALBEC ALAN MALBEC MALB MALI 2012 Bold fruit flavors of dark cherry and blackberry. Alamos Malbec is America's most preferred Malbec!. DARING PAIRINGS It's so versatile that you can throw out traditional food and wine pairing “rules" and dare to pair with something new! "Our unique growing conditions Bold layers of flavor and excellent natural acidity make Alamos Malbec a produce Malbec grapes with incredible flavor that pair well versatile wine with a variety of foods." for food pairing. - Alamos Winemaker Felipe Stahlschmidt In fact, more than half of culinary professionals surveyed agree that Malbec pairs with many types of foods?. Visit for more Daring Pairings. Bleu Cheese "Surf 'n Turf" Purple Potato Manchego and Flatbread Pizza Korean Tacos with Five Spice Crusted Stuffed Bison Mac 'n Cheese Gnocchi with Chorizo Stuffed with Potatoes, Kimchee Slaw Short Rib with Burgers with Bacon Pork Belly and Piquillo Peppers Fontina, Quail Egg Eggplant and Miso and Lobster Sage Butter Sauce and Arugula Black Garlic Jus ALAMOS mildly daring wildly daring 1 IRI, TTL US FD & DG, Argentine & Premium Import Brands, Volume Sales, Current 52 Wks Ending 5/13/2012 2 The online survey was conducted among 214 members of one of the most reputable culinary institutions in the United States during the period of May 9, 2013 - May 16 , 2013. ALAMOS. THE WINE S OF CATENA Argentinean Table Wine 02013 Alamos USA, Hayward, CA. All rights reserved. ANDES ARGENTINA

Malbec 101

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Malbec is a shining star in today’s wine word, but what sets this red grape apart from the rest? Read on to take a quick course in “Malbec 101” and learn about Alamos® Malbec, America's most pr...


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