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Making An Organic Choice

SO Nice. Making an Organic Choice CANADA. CANADA We are what we eat, goes the old adage. So Nice is committed to your health and that of the environment, which is why we use only certified organic, non-genetically modified organism (GMO) whole soybeans grown from environmentally responsible farming operations. Below, we've contrasted only some of the data surrounding conventional and organic farming to help you learn about your food and beverages. REASONS CANADIANS HAVE CHOSEN ORGANIC environment 33% personal health 22% family |health 34% 'trying it out' 2% taste 3% avoiding GMOS 6% CONVENTIONAL ORGANIC 97.5% of all food 2.5% of all food 1.7% of all Canadian farms 420 billion kg/year CO2 added to atmosphere 680 billion kgs/year Amount of CO2 removed if all \ farms converted to / \ organic methods / CARBON FOOTPRINT 307% organic market growth 34% total market growth MARKET since 2000 GROWTH since 2000 Il million kgs Fe Ca of antibiotics added per FOOD year, possibly contributing to rise of 'super bugs' +125% +73% +63% potassium iron in organically grown food QUALITY calcium 500 insect pests 220 weed strains 230 crop diseases PESTICIDE USAGE have grown pesticide-resistant in the past 50 years. NO chemicals, NO radiation NO genetical modification from seed to plant. 66% SOIL & FERTILIZER Fields left to regenerate, leaving 40-57% lower fertilizer toxin of North American soil degradation is due to current farming practices So Nice Organic Soy Beverage Products © 2011 Earth's Own Food Company Inc. Designed by Jeremy Yingling InfoNewt Sources: OLOGIOU

Making An Organic Choice

shared by Angel on Dec 28
So Nice is a company that makes organic soy beverages. This infographic takes a look at the So Nice farming and soy beverage production facilities to show how they make their products organic with an ...


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