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Making of Chocolate Bars

MAKING OF Chocolate BARS Chocolate is an all time favourite for all, irrespective of ages. If you follow history, it is from world war I (1914 -1918), that chocolate bars were being packed as a sort of energizer and a short snack into soldiers' rucksacks, making it quite popular as it was not until 1900s that chocolate was considered as a treat. Roasting COCOA beans The process first starts from a handful of cocoa beans which are sieved and vaccumed The cocoa beans need to be roasted in a steam of hot air. Once dried, the chocolate flavour develops. before they are visually tested. 3. Crushing Shells are cracked by mills. After sieving the pieces, the kernels are separated. Fans suck up the shells. Liquor formation The nibs which look like gravel are now crushed resulting the formation of a dark brown paste called liquor. 5. Removal of Cocoa Butter There is a lot of cocoa butter in the liquor which is now removed by sueezing out through a giant press. 6. Mixer In order to make milk chocolate this liquor is now mixed with sugar and milk. If plain bars are to be made, extra cocoa butter is used to replace milk. Evaporator Now after drawing the moisture by the evaporator, we find the chocolate turning into crumbs. 8. Spinning Rollers The crumbs get rolled again. Each roller run faster than the roller lying below in a way, squeezing out the grains to make them smoother. 9. Added flavours 10. Conching, Beating etc. Flavourings are added and mixture is stirred This thick paste is now too thick and has some unpleasant flavours. After Conching or beating this unpleasant flavour is got rid of. 11. Tempering This is the cooling process by which the chocolate gains its brittleless and shiny, polished look. 12. Filling moulds The liquid chocolate is now poured into moulds which gives it shape and the moulds are shaken so that they are evenly filled before cooling. 13. Wrapping A wrapping machine is used to wrap each bar in foil. Finally, the chocolate bars are packed and sent to stores for consumers in stores. Designed by: InfoGraphic DESION TEAMO

Making of Chocolate Bars

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Whether it is a mug of piping hot chocolate, or a bite of a gooey chocolate bar, this ultimate creation of cocoa is irresistible. But ever wondered how chocolates are made from the cocoa beans and r...






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