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Madecasse Chocolate

MADECASSE that's pronounced. MAH • DAY • KAS deserve A BETTER CHOCOLATE you GREAT CHOCOLATE IS HARD TO FIND A RARE VARIETY OF COCOA exists only in Madagascar, chocolate made with this cocoa has a flavor that COMES ALIVE IN YOUR MOUTH. AFRICA so much so, that it may CHANGE THE WAY YOU THINK about chocolate forever. THIS IS MADAGASCAR VARIETY OF COCOA BEANS GROWN WORLDWIDE 100% 75% 50% 25% THIS IS WHAT WE USE FORASTERO TRINITARIO CRIOLLO LACKS FLAVOR – USED IN MOST CHOCOLATE YOU EAT DECENT FLAVOR AND RELATIVELY RARE HIGHLY FLAVORFUL AND VERY RARE "I'm awestruck." The New York Times A PROSPEROUS AFRICA 70% of the WORLD'S COCOA COMES FROM AFRICA. but less than 1% of the world's 70% chocolate is made there. this is a big reason OF COCOA <1% why AFRICA IS POOR – AND WE WANTED OF CHOCOLATE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. So we TRIED SOMETHING NEW. we started MAKING CHOCOLATE, FROM SCRATCH, IN MADAGASCAR. every step of our chocolate production occurs locally- FROM THE FAIR TRADE COCOA and other ingredients we use ECONOMIC IMPACT IN AFRICA 5x in the chocolate, TO THE PACKAGING AND CHOCOLATE MAKING ITSELF. together, all of these activities MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE. OUR СНОCOLATE OTHER CHOCOLATE Named one of the '50 Most Innovative Companies' in the world. FAST OMPANY ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT INSIDE THE FOREST 90% of the PLANTS& ANIMALS in Madagascar are found NOWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD. unfortunately, most of the island's FOREST HAS BEEN DESTROYED. we are able to DO SOMETHING about this. BANANA PALM SHADES BABY COCOA TREES MATURE COCOA TREE SHADE TREE by PAYING FARMERS TOP DOLLAR for their crop, they REQUIRES SHADE TREE TO THRIVE PROTECTS COCOA TREES FROM SUN have an INCENTIVE TO PLANT MORE COCOA TREES, and the shade trees which COCoa requires to thrive. THIS CREATES A DIVERSE ECOSYSTEM. TREES WE PLANTED IN MADAGASCAR 2013 14,297 WE PLANTED 33,361 2012 10,591 TREES IN 3 YRS 2011 8,473 5K 10K 15K "Sustainable business practices are a key element to conserving Madagascar." CONSERVATION INTERNATIONAL ABOUT US AVAVAVAV. AVAVAVAVA we were Peace Corps Volunteers in Madagascar. WE FELL IN LOVE WITH THE COUNTRY & PEOPLE, AND WANTED TO DO MORE. so we tried something new. MADÉCASSE MADAGASCAR CHOCOLATE- 'BEST IN SHOW' SEA SALT & NIBS PARIS CHOCOLATE SHOW 63% dark chocolate, we are a social enterprise. WE MEASURE SUCCESS BY THE QUALITY OF OUR CHOCOLATE, and the social & cacoe niba 8 e teuch of salt nuty noes wtho saary curch economic impact we make in Africa. faír BEAN TO BAR IN AFRICA YAVAVAVAVAVAVAYAV OUR VISION IS A MORE PROSPEROUS AFRICA. we are focused on delivering meaningful, INNOVATION TO THE FOOD INDUSTRY, AFRICA, AND YOU. MADECASSE MADAGASCAR CHOCOLATE & VANILLA wwW.MADECASSE.COM

Madecasse Chocolate

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To consolidate our story into a simple format that will make customers feel good about buying and eating our chocolate. We have one of the best quality chocolates in the world. And our mission is to...


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