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Lunches From Around The World

Lunches CAroud From WHAT IS A TYPICAL AMERICAN LUNCH? Yum Various combinations of salads, soups, and sandwiches have been popular lunch items for decades. Lunch is not the biggest meal of the day in the U.S. It is Common drinks include often “lighter" than the water, soda, coffee, and iced tea evening meal WHEN IS LUNCH? Lunch originally began as a ladies' meal in the 18th century as a snack between meals People stayed awake longer after the invention of electricity. As a result, dinner was moved to later in Today, lunch in the U.S. is typically eaten around the day, and more people required a mid-day meal noon as the second meal of the day DID YOU KNOW? 19th century American SALOON Lunch is the most popular saloons served free meal to eat at a restaurant, lunch as a way of enticing more drinking, but the practice died with 2.6 meals per week eaten out per person (both carry out and dining in) out with Prohibition 2 out of 3 workers in 65% of teachers say most the U.S. either skip kids rely on their school lunch as their primary lunch or eat lunch at their desk rather than source of nutrition take a lunch break The National School Lunch Program served lunch to nearly 32 million children in 2011, and has served over 224 billion lunches since the program began in 1946 INTERESTING LUNCH FACTS FROM AROUND THE WORLD Japan Lunch in Japan is usually around noon, but can take place between 11am and 2pm Bento boxes are very popular for lunch in Japan among both children and adults Half of a typical bento consists of rice, and several dishes (raw fish, grilled fish, etc) One long-standing staple of bento is a pickled Japanese apricot, or umeboshi. This traditional food, prevents rice from going bad. It is either placed inside a rice ball or on top of a bed of rice To add to the fun, sometimes the ingredients of a bento box are arranged to look like an animal or character Brazil In Brazil, lunch typically falls between 11:30am and 2pm Lunch in Brazil is the biggest meal of the day and is a leisurely affair that allows for time spent with colleagues and friends It usually consists of rice, beans, salad, meat, or other dishes, depending on where the family lives, and what they can afford to buy There are inexpensive restaurants that serve home-style meals for lunch in a buffet-style sold by the kilo (1 kilo is 2.2 pounds) France Lunch in France is usually served between 12 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. Historically, lunch would be the main course of the day and would last for up to 2 hours Today, lunch is now only an hour long. Some regions, however, still serve a full 5-course meal over the course of 2 hours Lunch often consists of salad, sandwiches, and a dessert Common drinks with lunch include water, soda, and wine Spain Traditionally, lunch was the biggest meal and lasted about 2-3 hours long from around 2pm to 5pm. This allowed for a light nap in order to avoid the afternoon heat Recently, the nap part of lunch has nearly died out and many are shortening their lunch due to budget concerns A typical 10 Euro set menu in the Spanish capital includes two savory main courses, a beer, a glass or carafe of wine, dessert, and a coffee Other favorite dishes include tapas platters, regional variations of paella, soups, salads and roasted chicken Jtaly Lunch in Italy is usually from 1pm to 3pm, though some start as early as 12:30pm Italians often return home to have a meal with their families The first course is typically served using one type of pasta noodle that is cooked and topped in different ways In Northern Italy, risotto is a common alternative The main course usually features meat or fish with vegetables or salad followed by fresh fruit, or a dessert Some people enjoy a glass of wine with their meal Lunch in South Africa often falls between 12pm and 2pm South Aprica Seafood is a staple food in South African diets. Putupap (a cornmeal porridge) and mealie bread (corn bread) are served in a main meal TRADITIONAL SOUTH AFRICAN DISHES: Bobotie, a beef or lamb potpie that contains raisins, apples, almonds, and curry powder Frikkadels, are sometimes served wrapped in cabbage leaves Barbecued sausages and sosaties, seasoned lamb on a skewer SOURCES: Chef Works' nttp:/ nu-id-100045.html

Lunches From Around The World

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In the U.S., various combinations of salads, soups, and sandwiches have been popular lunch choices for decades. Historically, lunch began as a ladies’ meal in the 18th century as a snack between bre...


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