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London Burger Review 2013

BURGER ME LONDON BURGER REVIEW TOP BUNS PATTY SIZE BEST CHEESE O Brioche O Sesame Seed O Sourdough Ciabatta - Martin's Potato Rolls 1 2oz: slider bite-sized O 4oz: McDonalds cheeseburger-sized O 6oz: Byron burger-sized O 8oz: Workshop coffee burger-sized 1 10oz: Burger and Lobster-sized O 12oz: Double Byron burger-sized 1 14oz: Thirsty Bear Big Ass Bear-sized I Mild Cheddar O Montgomery Cheddar O American Cheese O Monterey Jack 1 Smoked Cheese O Halloumi I Cheese? ARE YOU MAD?I O Soft White Bap D Meat Bun O No Bun samPLe: 158 samPLe 184 samPLe: 170 LUCKY CHIP HOneST BURGERS PATTY & BUN MEATILQUOR Price: £6.50+ Price: £7.50+ Price: £7+ Price: £7+ Bun Squash: ☆*** Patty Juice: *** Chemistry: *☆☆* Filth Factor: **** Bun Squash: ***** *** Bun Squash: ***** Bun Squash: Patty Juice: Patty Juice: Patty Juice: Chemistry: ***** Filth Factor: ***** Chemistry: ***☆* Chemistry: ***** Filth Factor: Filth Factor: SPECIAL MOVE: Bone Marrow SPECIAL MOVE: SPECIAL MOve SPECIAL MOVVE: Bill Murray Maul Smokey Mayo Dunk 'Animal-style' Slam Mangle HAWKSMOOR BURGER BEAR BLEECKER BURGER DIRTY BURGER Price: £15 Price: £5+ Price: £4.50+ Price: £5 Bun Squash: ☆☆** Patty Juice: *☆☆** Bun Squash: **★* Bun Squash: Bun Squash: ☆☆☆☆ Patty Juice: *☆☆* Chemistry: ** Patty Juice: Patty Juice: Chemistry: *** Filth Factor: *☆☆☆* Chemistry: ☆☆** Filth Factor: *☆☆☆* Chemistry: Filth Factor: Filth Factor: SPECIAL, MOVE: SPECIAL, MOve: SPECIAL MOVE: Bacon Jam Punch SPECIAL MOve: Korean Kimchi Kick Street Brawl Dirty Sanchez Special Sauce DIRTY BURGER Copel Hanpad hol Park pper Holwy Nath Weey Nenden Harelad Seven Tebene Wenbley Park Dells Oerth Te Aional Fashuty Wabiey Cental Finchiey Roae sfrognal Helioway Bad Wilesden Green Stonebridge Pork Hatesen Nentih Town Wost Belsle Pek Kibum Caledonian ae Kersal endetury Purk Dalston ChaFerm Cande Road Weden uneficn West Hamped Kingsland Hackney Comral BLEECKER ST BURGER ondestery Finchley oed tanden Towe Caleconian Keral Grean Canorbury Swiss Cottage Barmbuty OOers P Kilam High Road Hampid South Momngton Crescent Dabtan Juncen Jehe's Wooe Ho on Kitum Park Ma Me dgwr Nead Marylabone Great Paddingten Portiand funtnn Stet Baker WwwAvenue Soeet Royal Cak Westboume namen Se en Square Betvd LUCKY CHIP Ddgwae Fangdon hat egenrs Pa Ectrolcrove Stret Shonedich Ruel High Stet Latimer lead Bertian hite Cty Shephets Notng Chancery Lare fan Lascacter Gate Oferd Stroet Stepney Geen Nyle Tterhan Caunae Holbon North Adon Holland Park Martle Anch TWhitechapel Acon Veod lane Cover Gare PATTY & BUN MEATILQUOR Acten Cenbal High Street Keington Shadwel (Green Pak Shepherds ush Mark Tieonter Sqae BURGER BEAR Hde Park Comer ighobidge Rodily tecamen e Reington Dyiplel inebeuse South Acton ananent Y Tower Golda Road Mamion House Ching O Coni Barons Court Gouceter Road Nanmeth e Thaes Victorte Park Rotherthe Turnham Stamford Rrverncnut Brook Weninter Embarkme Wret Sensingen Soine Seare Landon idor Carada Wner Green Pek Court Kensingon Berinondy West trongtion AO Pwateroe CO Say Qay OGuery Southwk Fuhan away HAWKSMOOR Pelica Say to ines Cendens mperal Teris Parsor Green Larbeh nigh inand Patney Bdge North Ode Cat Pey pubichadaand one dypiavnn Voall Eephant& Cate Southhe Wicthun Ohew Cross Gate GNw Cro Clugha Junclion Wbledos Par প ক HONEST BURGER Me Winhrts Road Broy Wredan Piecacity Clphers High Street OSackwal Honor Cak Park Viina Vico Deena Clapham Norh Ceoha Can ydeeihan Imin e graphic by dot designer BURGERME

London Burger Review 2013

shared by burgerme on Apr 14
Showing London's burger tastes in 2013, with a rating of some top restaurants in Top Trump format, and map of London Underground with the locations of the burger restaurants marked.


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