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Loaded: A Fast Food Infographic

BEEF WENDYS TEST MEAL 14 ng, with Medium NatralCu Fres anda mal cup of Coca Cols (not steun MCDONALD'S TEST MEAL BaMao withedum Fech Fries and a BURGER KING TEST MEAL Bg Mac, with Medum Fench Fries and a 21o cup el Coca Co ingt show Tastar ite Shaua JOY FRI ఉంట Tw Ca Sea S Cho 14 B. Singe 12. Doube Hamburger Hambuger, Kn Mea Cheesbuges Kdy Me Cheeseburger Bacon Cheesebuger Ces, J Bacon Cheesburger Pacen Delae Binge Cheesy Cheddarbura Cheeburger Dee Doube tak Baponator Singe Baconator Doble Pacoe Dalere Deut Anga Bacn s Cheese Arge Matroom& Double Quatar Pounder BigN Tty with Cheee MDoutie Chesburger De Cheebuger Angua Chpotle BBO Bacon Angua Bacon &Cheee Angua Mushoon wes Snack ap The Whoeper Double Whepeer Thpie hopper Whopper Jt w Cheene Murterd Whpper Hamburger Doute Hamburger Cheesebuger Double Cheeseburger Eacon Cheeeburger Double Eacon Cheeseburger Singe Sker Double Sce Qund Stacker Redee Cheesebrger POULTRY WENDY'S TEST MEAL Asiago Ranch D, with Medium Nu-Cut Fries anda smal oup of Coca Co inat ghoam BURGER KING TEST MEAL MCDONALDS'S TEST MEAL American Orignal Chicken Sandwich, with Medum h wth edu (not shown Satu Che WENDYS Chol Chol Cho Chimate Chicken Gri Sandwich Spy Chcken Bandwich Hometye Chicken Fiet Bandwich Asago Flanch Clubwth Homestyle Chicken Asngo Fanch Chub wth Uimate Chickan G Ango Fanch Club th SpicyChicken Monterey Flarnch Criepy Chn andwich Crepy Chicken Sandwich Pemum Gred CNcken Club Sandwich mtum Drepy Chicke Ranch BLT Sandwich n Sandaich Criepy Chicken Caesar Wapm Griled Chicken Homentyle Chcken Spicy Chicken Go Wrap Premium Crpy Chicken Club tandvich Honey Murterd Snack Wrap Cripyt Haney Murtard Snack ap Oriled Kds Meal Go Wrap Premium Crispy Chicken Classic Sandwkh Chen Seeos 3 Pieces CHen Seo 5 Pleces Pem Crispy Chicken BLT Sandwich Race Ped Chicken T Sandwich Chcken Mcggets Chipotle BBG Snack Wrap (Crapyt Premum Griled Chicken Premium Crispy Chicken Sandwich amoto chcken hBLT Sandwich Chicken McNuggets 10 Pieces Premium Cpy Chicken Clansic Sandwich Chipotie Beg Snack Grile Chicken M 4Pleces unem Se ge chspy Pemiun Grled Sandwich 6Pieces io Sandaich Tandergri Chen Sandwich Spioy Chickn Dap andwich Ccken Tenders Sploy Chicken EK Wpper. Tendedno Chkaen Amerkan Orignal Chickan Sandalch Chicken Tden DNan Thoden CNkn Tendern 20 Plece Orgne Chirken Orighal Chicen Banch Soack Hslan Original Chcken Club Sandwich EKR Chicken Frie 12 Peces Ranch Soack Sandwich Sanduich Club Sandich 4 Pieces GPeces 6Pieces OPeces Wrp Grd OTHER SIDES 33 Sour Cream & Chves Value NaturalOut Fries Smal Natural-Cut Fries Medium Natural-Cut Fries Large Natural-Cut Fes Plain Baked Potato Baed Potate Small Ch Large Chil Filet-Oeh IOY Sack Se Fruit A Wt talad BK BIG ISH Sandwich Courtry Pork Sendich Smal French Fries Medum Frenh Friee Large French Fries Frut'n Yogurt Partait Snack Sze FrA Walne Salad Mosarele Scks, 4 Plece MCDONALD'S TEST MEAL and (not ahoun NUMBER OF INGREDIENTS BK Veggie Buger IN A WENDY'S SANDWICH BUN French Fries Vvalue Smal French Fries Medkum French Fries Large French Fries Onion Rings Value Orion Ringe Senall Orion Rings Medium Orion Ringe Large Enriched Flour (wheat flour, malted barley flour, thiamine monoritrate. riboflavin, niacin, iron, folic acia. Water, High Fructose Corn Syrup. Vegetable Ol jcontains one or more of the folowing: soybean, cottonseed, canola). Yeast, Salt. Wheat Gluten, Contains 2% or less of the following: Dough Conaitioners (contains one or more of the folowing: sodum stearoyl lactyliate, calolum staaroyt-2-lactylate, ascorbic acid, azodcartonamida, mono and diglyceridas, DATEM, eraymas), Yaast Nutrients (may contain one or more af the following monocalcium phosphate, calcium sufate, calcium cartbonate, armmonium sulfate), Turmeric, Paprka, Arnatto, Natural Flavor, Caloum SIicate, Calcium Propionate (preservative. Chol COLOR CODE READING THE CHARTS CALCULATION LOADED Ubing nutional deta aalabie for downcedng on Wendy's, Mooonas and Burger Kings webs Ees, nd Natibonal dats 5 epressed thiouggn rasarchas, w the inmer dicle represenong har afthe etonniendea dsy make lor thre nacanoc and the ourer drde pesentng 100o Dreocmmenaed buy mane. N en ve at a polygen being pltted on the poke for the comepending indicator, ench poke mpmoants a demnt nutrtional indcater. edat us aementace tech vaue compaedto the e a recommended daly intake valun. teng colored yelow an McDonalds EXAMPLE Leing the Bacon Delam Singe e an enmpie, this e how he inder mpresented by the poygon was caloulated KEY Bacon Deluxe Single Meutem name Calories TF -Total Fut Outer im: paenta 100N of recommended daly intske Bacon Dele Singe Clorie Total fet Satuated Fat g Chol mg Sodum ng Total Carb i Detary Fber i Protein ig Sehurated Fat Nuonal Vwu 670 Cholesterol Cholesterol Spoke in this case, for Total Fat. as a peroentage ofrecommended daly tae Carbohydrete MCDonalds DF Diutary Fiber Recommended Culoria Total fut a Suturatad Fat al Chal mg Sodium Total Carb l Datary Fbe a Protuin Dely Intake 2000 SF 200 200 Prt Protein Polygon: oreents menu iteme utrionale A fast-food nutritional comparison, using menu items' nutritional value as a percentage of recommended daily intake. Items ockored tems colored Inner rim: epresents 50N of recommended daly intake Cwleris Total fet Sahrated Fat Chol mg Sodm n Total Carb i Ditary Fber Protein i a.10 039 0.40 01010

Loaded: A Fast Food Infographic

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A comparison of nutritional metrics in menu items from Wendy's, McDonald's and Burger King.


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