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Kitchen Cheat Sheet

Kitchen Cheat Sheet

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Kitchen Cheat Sheet Infographic

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All the bits of interesting info you need when cooking such as metric conversions, cooking times, freezer storage etc. It also has very handy A4 download and print sheets which can be stuck to the fridge and are great for teaching kids too. You can download those here: llulultinhulnulin KITCHEN CHEAT SHEET THE HANDY REFERENCE GUIDE FOR ANYONE WHO LOVES TO COOK for the uk METRIC CONVERSION OVEN TEMPS Weights Gas °F °C 250 120 VERY SLOW IMPERIAL 2 oz METRIC IMPERIAL METRIC 15g 10oz 285g 310g 340g 370g 400g 425g 450g 680g 0.9kg 1.4kg 1.8kg 1) 275 140 3% oz 20g 30g 60g 85g 115g 140g 170g 200g 230g 255g 11oz (2) 300 150 SLOW 1oz 12oz (%lb) 2oz 13oz 325 170 3oz 14oz 4oz (4lb) 5oz 15oz 350 180 MODERATE 16oz (1lb) 6oz 24oz 5) 375 190 32oz (2lb) 48oz (3lb) 64oz (4lb) 7oz 6 8oz (Valb) 9oz 400 200 MOD. HOT (7 425 220 1kg = 35oz/2.2lbs 1oz = 28.35g 1g 450 230 HOT 0.035oz 475 240 VERY HOT °C x 1.8 + 32 = °F °F - 32 + 1.8 = °C LIQUIDS Spoons PINT METRIC CUPS FLOZ. 1 teaspoon =5ml 1 dessertspoon = 10ml 1 tablespoon = 15ml 100ml 125ml /2 150ml 200ml 7 250ml /2 275ml 10 ONE CUP IMP. METRIC 300ml 11 140g 2259 170g 225g 200g 140g 340g 200g 110g Flour 5oz 400ml 14 Caster Sugar Brown Sugar 8oz 500ml 18 boz Butter 8oz 570ml 20 Sultanas/Raisins Currants 7oz 750ml 26 5oz 1% 1.0L 35 12oz Golden Syrup Uncooked Rice 1.1L 40 7oz Grated Cheese 4oz 1.3L 46 1.7L 60 2.0L 70 CUPS Water 1 Litre = 1.76 Pints 1 Pint UK = 568 ml 1 Pint uS = 16 fl oz = 28.41 ml = 0.035 fl oz 1 Cup uS = 250 ml 1fl oz Boils at: 100°c 212°F Freezes at: 0°C 32°F 1 ml All metrics and conversions are for the UK. Comversions have been ruunded lor ease of use. MEAT CUTS NECK, CHUCK FORE RIB Braising Steak stew/braise Best Mince Stewing Steak stew/braise Chuck Steak stew/braise Rib Eye Steak grill/pan fry Fore Rib Roast roast Rolled Rib BEEF pan fry гоast Single Rib grill/pan fry SIRLOIN Rolled Sirloin roast FORE RIB SIRLOIN FLANK HANE Sirloin Steak grill/pan fry T-Bone Steak grill/pan fry Fillet Steak grill/pan fry THICK THIN FLANK THICK RIB RIB Skirt stir fry pan fry Cheap Mince BRISKET grill/pan fry RUMP THICK RIB stew/braise TOPSIDE roast/pot roast THIN RIB stew/braise SILVERSIDE pot roast BRISKET pot roast THICK FLANK pot roast SHIN stew/braise LEG stew/braise PORK SHOULDER braise/grill/pan fry Blade Chops Spare Rib Chop grill Rolled Shoulder roast LOIN Loin Steak Loin Rack Joint roast/braise/pot roast Tender Loin SPARE RIB LOIN grill/braise LEG roast/braise/pan fry BLADE BELLY Spare Ribs Rolled Belly roast/pot roast roast SHOULDER BELLY LEG Leg Steaks Leg Joint grill/braise roast BEST END OF NECK LAMB Rack of Lamb roast Rib Chop Cutlet grill grill LOIN Loin Chop Medallion grill/braise roast гоast Rolled Loin Noisettes pan fry ECK LOIN LEG CHUMP Chops Joint grill/braise roast Steaks pan fry/braise NECK BREAST Scrag End Quality Mince Neck Chop pot roast pan fry braise/grill BREAST braise/roast Breast Joint Breast Riblets braise/pot roast LEG SHOULDER Whole Leg Whole Square Rolled Shank roast grill гоast гоast Steaks Rolled Butterfly roast pot roast roast Meat Roasting Times by Weight... OVEN (190 C/375F/GAS 5) COOKING TIME INTERNAL TEMPERATURE 190°C Rare + 20 mins + 25 mins + 30 mins 60°C 70°C 80°C BEEF 20 mins per 450g/1lb 25 mins per 450g/1lb 30 mins per 450g/1lb Medium Well Done Rare Medium Well Done 190°C 20 mins per 450g/1lb 25 mins per 450g/1lb 30 mins per 450g/1lb + 20mins + 25 mins 60-70°C 70-75°C 75-80°C LAMB + 30 mins PORK 190°C 35 mins per 450g/1lb + 35 mins 80-85°C CHICKEN 190°C 25 mins per 450g/1lb + 25mins 80-85°C Advice: Ersure that any meet that has been frozen is comoletely delrosted before cooking. Leave roast to rest in a warm place for 10-20 mins atter cooking Use an instant-read thermometer picaed into the centre or thickest part of the meat to check that the minemum intermal temperature has been reached Ensure that all food is fuly conked and piping-hot before sering. For poultry, ansure the juices run clear ia. whun the meat is piarced with a knite ne blood runs out. t Boubt, do not seve food undercoaked and refer to the meat's tkaging instructions or your oven's manual. COOKING TIMES Vegetables cooks "Too many spoil the broth. Vegetable Boil Steam mins Artichoke Asparagus Beetroot 30-40 8-10 25-30 GRAINS & PULSES 4-5 60-90 Broccoli 10-12 5-6 5-6 5-6 1 Cup of Grain Cups of Water Mins Cabbage Carrots Cauliflower 5-10 10-15 10-15 Amaranth Buckwheat 30 15 5-6 8-10 5-10 5-10 Bulgar Couscous Corn on Cob 10-15 15 10 Courgettes Green Beans 5-10 10-12 Millet 25 Polenta Quinoa 35 Parsnips Peas 20-25 7-10 3-5 20 Basmati Brown 2 25 15-20 4-5 10-12 Potatoes Spinach Sprouts Swede/Turnip 2-5 Basmati White 15 10-15 8-10 Brown Rice 40 15-30 Wild Rice 2 V2 45 White Rice 15 Пр Overcooking vegetables degrades vitamin content. Aim for al dente with crunchy bite. Tip Soaking grains reduces cooking times. STORAGE How to Stack Your Fridge.. Keep the Door Shut! DAIRY.CHEESE.BUTTER.EGGS.YOGHURT JARS DON'T OVERFILL: LET AIR CIRCULATE THROUGH SHELVES DELI MEAT.COOKED FOOD Don't keep bananas, potatoes, onions and garlic in the fridge. LEFTOVERS BE COOL: NEVER PUT WARM FOOD IN THE FRIDGE DRY GOODS 10/15°C 3/7°C 2/4°C 0/2°C -1/1°C -18°C SEAFOOD FRUIT/VEG DAIRY PUT RAW FOOD ON A PLATE OR IN A TUB TO CATCH DRIPS FRUIT MEAT FISH FREEZER Food Storage Temperatures KEEP FRUIT AND VEGETABLES IN SEPERATE FRIDGE DRAWERS FREEZER STORAGE TIMES * ICE BOX -6°c ** ICE BOX -12°C *** ICE BOX - 18°C FREEZER - 18°C Meat Mths Fish Mths Basics Mths Steaks 6-12 Lean Rice 6. Chops Joints Mince Bacon Sausages Soups Stock Stews Oily Breaded 4-6 2-3 Flour 12 Bread Cakes Pastries Pizza Herbs 9-12 4-6 Cooked Smoked Seafood 3-4 4-6 2-3 1 2 4-6 1-2 1-2 12+ Spices Nuts Tofu 4-6 12+ 4-6 Dairy Mths 9-12 5 Butter Margarine Ice Cream 12 Juice Carton 8-12 Poultry Fruit Vegetables Mths 2 12 Whole Cheese Part Eggs (not in shell) 6-9 Yoghurt 1-2 Гр Cream, milk and mayonnaise do not freeze well. At the best NECK CHUCK MIDDLE SHOULDER BEST END RAW MEAT SHANK RAW FISH JUICE DRINKS

Kitchen Cheat Sheet

shared by EverestUK on Aug 29
All the bits of interesting info you need when cooking such as metric conversions, cooking times, freezer storage etc. It also has very handy A4 download and print sheets which can be stuck to the fri...





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