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Kids Veggie Discovery Table

THE COOKSMARTS. VEGGIE DISCOVERY TABLE Sometimes it can take kids many exposures to an ingredient before they feel familiar with it (and hopefully start to like it too!). We created this tool to track your child's veggie discovery progress. Every time they are exposed to a vegetable on this list, they can put in a sticker in its row. If they didn't like it, they can put a red a sticker; if they liked it so-so, they get to put a yellow sticker, and if they loved it, they get to put a green sticker. The goal of course is for all of these vegetables to become mostly green, and each dot helps you keep track of the number of times they've been exposed to that vegetable. This will make meals a fun and interactive process and also allow kids to feel like their input is valued! Print one off for each child and keep this on the fridge or in a binder in the kitchen. NAME: O LIKE O OK O DON'TLIKE ARTICHOKES ARUGULA ASPARAGUS BEETS BELL PEPPERS BOK CHOY BROCCOLI BRUSSELS SPROUTS BUTTERNUT SQUASH CABBAGE (1) CARROTS CAULIFLOWER CELERY CHARD COLLARDS CORN CUCUMBER EGGPLANT FENNEL GREEN BEANS KALE LETTUCE MUSHROOMS OKRA PARSNIPS POTATOES SNOW PEAS SUGAR SNAP PEAS SPAGHETTI SQUASH SPINACH SWEET POTATOES TOMATOES TURNIPS ZUCCHINI COOKSMĂ„RTS.

Kids Veggie Discovery Table

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Help picky kids discover a wide array of vegetables using this free tool. It's been known that kids may need anywhere between 7 to 20 exposures for a child to feel familiar with a food. Keep track of ...


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