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Jewish Food Justice Fellowship

Jewish Food Justice Fellowship Program Details Social change. Food justice. Jewish community. A LEICHTAG FOUNDATION INITIATIVE WHO A cohort of fellows in their 20s and 30s from across North America, Israel and around the world A Broken Food System A Community Eager to Make a Difference In a study conducted to learn more about Jewish life in San Diego's North County, For over ONE MILLION California residents, the Center for Leadership Initiatives discovered that JEWISH RESIDENTS CRAVE: WHERE Paul Ecke Ranch, Encinitas, CA access to fresh produce is more than a 20-MINUTE DRIVE opportunities and ways to MAKE A programming about places for MEETING DIFFERENCE in the FOOD, SUSTAINABILITY, from their homes. FAST FOOD FRESH FOOD EACH OTHER. general community & SOCIAL JUSTICE. CORNER STORE MARKET WHEN September 2013 to December 2014 Even when grocery From these findings, the Leichtag Foundation wondered: CANDY stores are accessible, APR MAC & CHEESE JAN FEB MAR JAN FEB MAR APR many low-income CANDY CANDY CHIPS CHIPS CHIPS How can we strengthen the Jewish North County community while making a positive impact on San Diego County? MAY JUN JUL AUG MAY JUN JUL AUG CANDY families are CANDY SEP OCT NOV DEC SEP ост NOV DEC CANDY UNABLE TO AFFORD $2.99 2013 2014 CANDY CANDY TV TV CANDY DINNER FRESH CANDY PRODUCE BENEFITS & COMPENSATION 99¢ FOOD DESERTS, which is often PRETZELS All housing costs will be covered. many families are forced to buy their more expensive The Jewish Food Justice Fellowship will bring together a cohort of food at corner stores which carry mostly than cheaper, talented fellows to San Diego's North County to work on and think deeply PROCESSED FOOD PRODUCTS and CARBOHYDRATE- about hunger, sustainable agriculture and environmental education and to Health Insurance have limited or no fresh produce for sale. RICH FOODS. will be covered. engage the community in many forms of Jewish life and expression. Fellows will receive Residents living in food deserts have a living stipend. HIGHER RATES OF OBESITY, DIABETES, HEART DISEASE, CANCER Fellows will travel together to Israel and one other country in the developing world to study food security and sustainable and many other chronic illnesses than those in CHRONIC ILLNESSES neighborhoods where healthy food is easily accessible. POOR CHILDREN 7. agriculture models. HAVE HIGHER RATES OF OBESITY MILLION CHILDREN ages 6 and older are affected by obesity than do nonpoor children. and RATES HAVE TRIPLED among 20% 15 % adolescents in the last two decades." Join Us Improving access to healthier foods is Fellows will be divided into groups to address three focus areas OF POOR OF NON-POOR Learn more about the Jewish CHILDREN CHILDREN critical to decreasing childhood obesity Food Justice Fellowship and submit an application at in the United States. Many residents of San Diego County 14.8% of San Diego 22.5% of children EDUCATION ACCESS ADVOCACY PRODUCED BY LACK ACCESS TO ENOUGH FOOD Jewish Food Justice County residents in San Diego County HERE'S MY CHANCE FOR AN ACTIVE, HEALTHY LIFE with a focus on the to fresh food for those in and a limited or uncertain availability environment and and food security poverty of nutritionally adequate food. (447,780 PEOPLE) (159,400 CHILDREN) Sustainable food systems A Leichtag Foundation Initiative RESOURCES: Center for Leadership Initiatives · Population Reference Bureau and the National Center for Health Statistics · San Diego Food Bank · California Freshwords· Food Access in Food Health in the SAN DIEGO UNITED STATES LIMITED ACCESS TO FRESH FOOD diysmoja

Jewish Food Justice Fellowship

shared by JewishFoodJustice on Jan 03
The Jewish Food Justice Fellowship (JFJF) is a pilot professional development oriented program designed and implemented by the Leichtag Foundation in San Diego’s North County coastal region to suppo...




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